Top 5 beers of pre ZBF?
  Posted by JezzaP on 03/08/2010 03:54:28 PM
Wow, now this is going to be tricky - though the top one is the easiest:

Nanny State (Brewdog): yes, voting for a Brit beer as top beer of a festival in Belgium is quite something, but this was unbelievable when you consider its ABV of 0.5%. Yes, zero point five. Hoppy, tasty, and the low gravity beer to end all other low gravity beers. Could happily have had several more if it hadn't been for the other choices to work through.

Hop Trilogy (Alvinne): three new offerings here, with IBUs starting at 83 for the Centennial, going up to 115 for the Simcoe and ending at a colossal 136 for the Columbus, which was pick of the bunch for me. If someone had handed me that and told me it was an American IIPA I'd have totally believed them. A superb achievement.

Black Mes (Struise): I believe this one was Black Damnation on Coal Ila Whisky cask? Whatever it was, it was a truly brilliant 13% beer and a stunning triumph for Struise. Wow!

Grassrooth Black IPA: glad I got this one before it ran out. I don't know much about it, though one reason for including it here is to wind up Uncle Jimbo! (only joking, Jim). Anyway, I really loved it despite it being one of the smaller beers on offer at 5.6%.

Mikkel and Menno: a De Molen/Mikkeller collaboration, and another hoppy offering which was right up my street. Superb stuff and one of many truly great beers on offer on Friday.

So, if you attended pre ZBF, what caught your eye? (and tastebuds??)



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