this must be the saddest website in the whole world
  Posted by paquette on 07/17/2018 04:27:18 AM
I'd say "hi all" but Philip seems to be the only one who is on here anymore.

Not sure what's happened to this website over the past (five?) years, but most of the Belgian beers we used to talk about on this site still exist. Is everybody hanging out somewhere else? If so, why? Do you all still drink traditional beer or have we all "graduated" to pink and blue 16 oz cans?

I was thinking of heading over to Brussels recently and googled beer stuff. The number one hit was an off-the-rack hipster NEIPA can brewery. The only old-school Belgian beer I even hear of anymore is Cantillon. More reason for this site to be an active resource.

Anyway, hoping everyone is well.


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