Contributed by EricK

This above picture shows the two batches of dubbel side-by-side with the gyle (unfermented wort taken after boil, which is later used for priming) in the front of each carboy. The left carboy (and gyle) was brewed with 14 oz of dark candi sugar with lbs of dark brown sugar. The right carboy was brewed with 350 ml of dark candi syrup. Notice the color differences; the dark candi syrup batch is darker. Also note the milky-white color; the WLP Trappist yeast is slow to flocculate (8 days into the primary).

This picture just shows the gyle quart jars side-by-side. Again, the left jar is the dark candi sugar/dark brown sugar batch, and the right jar is the dark candi syrup batch. This picture clearly shows that the syrup made a much darker dubbel. This picture also shows how the fermentation process can really lighten the beer. My next batch of dubbel would include t the whole 500ml next time&..if I can get my hands on the syrup again.
Contributed by Brian Mercer
Here are a few comparison shots. The light on on the left is dark belgian rocks @ 1.010. On the right we have the effect of dark syrup at the same gravity.

Contributed by N8
The one on the left is the candi syrup brew, it's next to the Poor Richards Ale that has molasses in it. Note, there is more to the color difference here than just the ugar source.
The dark one with molasses used 4oz, the light one with the candi syrup was 500mL. There was also 2oz. of black malt in the dark one.

Contributed by SteveG
Here is what mine looked like in a hydrometer tube. 500ml of dark candy syrup was the sole darkening agent for this 1062 (6 gallons) wort.

Contributed by Peter Czerpak
The fermentor during racking post primary and the racking cane during transfer, and the last one is a glass of the posttransfer. Obviously quite orange in the glass. Not at all the brown I was expecting....

Details are: 1/2 pils, 1/2 pale
added 1 full bottle during boil, added extra half bottle after several days of fermentation
OG = 1.070 (not including the extra half bottle dark candi contribution from post start addition)
yeast= chimay




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