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05/31/05 10:36 PM  
Red Winter Wheat
Does anyone know where to find Red Winter Wheat? For Whit Beers?


06/01/05 12:32 AM  
Re: Red Winter Wheat
You can use either red or white wheat, the key is that it should be specified as low protien, or often it has the word pastry attached to it (ie soft white pastry wheat berries). Both varieties (red & white) can be found in high protien/ gluten varieties, which are not really appropriate for beer making (use these for bread, where the glutens are a welcome addition and don't cause a gummy stuck mash).

The best and cheapest place to pick this up is at your local health food/ natural foods store from the bulk section. Locally here in Tucson, I can get it for 50 cents a pound, or 40 cents per pound if I buy a whole 25lb bag.

Also remember to do a cereal mash with raw wheat, while wheat starch technically geletanizes at mash temperatures, if you want to get a full extraction of sugars you should do a cereal mash (ie preboil the wheat for 15 minutes or so).



06/01/05 01:38 AM  
Re: Red Winter Wheat
I forgot to mention that "Soft" is another adjective for wheat types that are low in protien, and thus suitible for brewing. Conversly avoid "Hard" varieties.
06/01/05 06:55 AM  
Re: Red Winter Wheat
<<where the glutens are a welcome addition and don't cause a gummy stuck mash>>

Tim, if you have never experienced a gummy, stuck mash I can't recommend more assertively that you heed Sabastians advice. You sparge and sparge and the water just sits on top, it's enough to make you wish you were a wine maker.

Tim L
06/01/05 09:26 PM  
Re: Red Winter Wheat
Oh, Yeah,!! Been there, done that. I won't forget my rice hulls again!!! The reason I asked is: "Authenticity". Not that it means that much in the end. Thanks Sebastian! I never knew there was High vs low protein wheat. I just thought red or white. I got my last unmalted wheat at a Feed & Seed store. I'll try a health Food store, next time I make a Whit or other non malted wheat beer.

I have found out that a 120-135 rest will clear the beer. Good for Am. Wheat beer bad for European Wheat beer.

I've got 1/2 a batch of excellent Hefe-Weizen left! My best batch yet!

THanks again Sebastian & Steve!

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