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06/10/05 08:13 AM  
Witkap Pater Stimulo
I've been thinking about my next brew and after having the above beer recently, I thought it would be a great summer thirst quencher. I've looked in all of my book for any info on the grain bill, hops and yeast used but the only bit of info I've found is that they do not use spices. Has anyone tried to make a clone of this beer? Any suggestion on the proper yeast strain other than cropping up some from old bottles.



06/10/05 11:49 AM  
Re: Witkap Pater Stimulo
Funny thing about this style. I'm with you, I think it makes for a great summer selection. I have effectively made 2, but niether time was intentional.

The first one I made was a real fluke, I was going for a lightly hopped part flaked maize pils for a German party I was going to throw. Mostly real beers were on the menu but I needed something for the more timid that I could at least pretend to call a German style. So I bought me a Kolsch (White Labs Kolsch/Alt) strain and expected to get a pretty clean psuedo lager. It was hot, July I think, and things went awry. I tasted it after 2 weeks was was heart-broken by the flavor profile - definately a swing and a miss for the timid crowd, or anyone hoping for something even remotely Kolsch-like. I thought about dumping it but I did not. I tried it a week later and realized it tasted a lot like a triple by far less potent. I called it a single and it actually won a second at the SoB for Belgian golden ale! I made two other beers with that same yeast, pouring wort on the cake. Both were horrific.

More recently my first go at the Roeselare yeast by WYeast was a surprise. Totally a single. I expect that to change over time though.

For me I think a single is what the Kolsch debacle turned out to be - a low gavity version of a triple. That was the impression I had when I first tasted Witkap Paters single. I can't really speak regarding cloning, I never do that. But I think if you use any yeast intended for a triple you will have pretty good results. Certainly more reliable than using a more conventional yeast and fermenting too hot!!

Al b.
07/20/05 01:30 PM  
Re: Witkap Pater Stimulo
This may be a bit late, but after just quenching my thirst with a Witkap, I notice that it states "unfiltered" and "unpasteurized" indicating to me that the primary strain(s) are still in the bottle for reculturing. I have recultured some yeast from one - perhaps an experiment for the future?


07/20/05 01:37 PM  
Re: Witkap Pater Stimulo
After the last yeast you handed off to me I'm in! Kinda booked for the next couple months, maybe a spring project?
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