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07/21/05 06:45 AM  
Brettanomyces Claussenii
So beers that use a brettanomyces strain as the primary fermentation agent have to be the boldest brewing innovation of the last couple years. White Labs has a low intensity strain available, describing Brettanomyces Claussenii as being closely related to anomalus.

Has anyone taken the leap? Does anyone know what kind of wort might be optimized for this bug? The WL stats don't make this one sound like a candidate for primary fermentation, anyone beg to differ?

07/21/05 04:13 PM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
Pizza Port's Mo Betta Bretta is 100% B. Clausenni in the primary with no other yeast added after that. If you see the book Wild Brews, there is some info on that brew in there. That beer's description fits the strain's description - mild funk with lots of tropical fruit scents.

I just bottled a Saison (1.062 to 1.006) with B. Clausenii as the bottling strain, no priming sugar added. Supposedly it was originally used as a bottling strain for 19th Century Porters, and so I used it as such for a first try. I could see myself using it as a primary strain sometime.

If you want lots of nitpicky scientific stuff I can pass that on. Gentleman in my homebrew club was influential in making White Labs carry the strain and he passed on some into to me.

07/21/05 10:11 PM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
Outstanding, my question should be easy! The question I have is that attenuation and flocculation levels as well as optimum fermentation temperatures are offered for every yeast, but in the case of b. claussenii they are listed as N/A. I get why bacteria would not offer this stuff in general, usually a yeast takes care of all that so it really is N/A by the time the bacteria goes in. But if a bacteria is useful as a primary fermentation agent then should this info not be available?

07/22/05 09:21 AM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
I would be interested in all the nitpicky scientific stuff - this is on my list to experiment with (since my bretta brux experiment is...unsatisfactory)...Thanks DLT

Al B
04/28/06 07:57 AM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
Well, after attending Steve's psycho brewfest, its time to get fuuuuuunky! Starter culture in the works - I'm thinking of using a similiar recipe I did for a Biere de Mars (Pilsner, Wheat, oats, munich, aromatic)Orange in color - hazy. 100% Brett fermentation.

Just a guess on my part, but I think the N/A for its fermentation cahracteristics may have something to do with the Brett's ability to consume more than just maltose, but a wide variety of complex sugars + dextrins depending on wort composition.

Anything new with the use of this bug ?

Al B funky

Mykel Obvious
04/28/06 09:51 PM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
I'm interested in doing this in the future myself... anyone have an idea on what temp to run the ferment? I'm going to have to dive back into Wild Brews and see if I can find any info on temp vs. flavor from the Brett... it might be interesting to do 3 batches... one with B. Claussenii, one with B. Bruxellensis and one with B. Lambicus then blend to suit taste... any idea how long it would take to complete fermentation... and how large a starter would you pitch? Small to maximize flavor... or large to speed up fermentation time??? Wild Brews states that Brett does not supper-attenuate when used as the primary yeast... so what SG would you shoot for???

oh so many brews... need to quit my job and just brew and brew and brew LOL


04/29/06 09:12 AM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
Mykel, look for an announcement on this Monday. It is such a great topic it deserves an event. Steve
matt dinges
04/29/06 12:51 PM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
I agree Steve...a Brett swap?

I'll see be watching to see what you have in mind!



04/29/06 01:09 PM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
I would guess that attenuation, flocculation, optimum ferment temps., recommended pitching volumes, etc. for specific Brett. strains for 100% primary ferments isn't readily available because it is such a new area of experimentation and also because Brett. by nature is fairly unpredictable. The Oct. 2005 BYO had some interesting info. from Vinnie and Tomme. As Vinnie said in that article, "Brett has a mind of its own."
04/30/06 12:12 AM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
>>...Brett. strains for 100% primary ferments isn't readily available because...<<

Looking to change that.

Matt, a swap is a great idea but now is not the time. Brett beers are a whole new area, we would all need to get up to speed before going down that road. I'm going to try open up a lane.

04/30/06 01:41 PM  
Re: Brettanomyces Claussenii
I'm sure more info. will come with time, but since this is a relatively new area of experimentation and because Brett. does not always act as one would expect given similar conditions, I wouldn't really expect anything better than a wide range guesstimate for ea. of those parameters. Brett. performance just isn't as predictable as regular yeast strains, and I don't see that changing...nature of the beast.
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