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08/08/05 10:40 AM  
Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
hi - I am attempting to brew a clone brew of Rodenbach Grand Cru. I am using oak chips during primary fermentation to give the famous oaky taste that the beer requires. Do I need to sanitize the oak chips before I put them in? If I due - I am concerned they might lose their essence!



08/08/05 11:16 AM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
I have always boiled them except for when adding to a lambic. Just like 30 seconds of so in boiling water, I've never suffered infection as a result.
08/19/05 10:58 AM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
I got the itch to do a similar clone in the future, which yeast culture will you be using or is it better to reculture from a bottle of Grand Cru?


08/19/05 02:29 PM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
I'm not super impressed with WYeasts blend. I think it can work but I've had a chance to see how unstable the blend can be. Were I to do this again I'd try the White Labs version.
10/26/05 12:26 PM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
Have you tried Wyeasts Roselare yeast? Or is it the blend you were talking about? I tried a friends Duchess de Burgeone clone with it and it was pretty close.

We were discussing trying a Rodenbach clone with the same yeast.

10/27/05 09:14 AM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
<<Have you tried Wyeasts Roselare yeast?>>

Yes, that is the one I worked with. I passed off a 2 generation old slurry to a guy here who is a professional micro biologist. He rebalanced it and grew it up and it became the uber-slurry. But before Als involvement it was hurtin'.

10/27/05 10:27 AM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
Funny you mention the microbiologist revivng the yeast. I'm a MB as well, and the yeast rangler/rancher for our club. I'm growing up the Roselare for our Rodenbach clone, and in the process of culturing up some Brett., Pediococcus, & lactobacillus for some barrel aged Belgian ales and Lambic/Gueze projects with our club.

Keep your MB happy, pour them a beer, and they'll keep you in healthy yeast. ;)

10/27/05 11:49 AM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
<<Keep your MB happy, pour them a beer, and they'll keep you in healthy yeast. ;)>>

That's the plan! Al knows his stuff. He thought the levels of saccromyces to brettanomyces and pediococcus were strange in relation to each other so he tweeked them for me. Great results, WYeast should hire him!

Al B
03/10/06 09:09 AM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
Hey N8 -

I find that the Duchess and to some extent Rodenbach Grand Cru has a little vinegar presence and I think a little acetobacter would help in a clone. I'm currently working on a Flemish Red (not yet blended ). I have a vinegar culture rolling separate from the batches. (Hope there's another sour swap in the future!)

03/14/06 10:38 AM  
Re: Rodenbach Grand Cru Clone
I recently got my hands on a bottle of Rodenbach, and was planning on culturing out of that. Much to my dismay, its counterpressure filled or filtered, nonetheless no yeast or any body else in there, quite sad
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