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08/11/05 08:52 PM  
Reusing Saison Yeast
I'm going to finally attempt to reuse some yeast that is currently fermenting. Just going to rack new wort onto the trub after i rack the fermented beer into my secondary. My only problem (not really a problem) is that the yeast is saison yeast, and i already have a saison in the secondary and the current one in the primary. What else can i make with that yeast? I've looked at the yeast companies websites for some ideas but I was hoping someone from here has tried making a different beer with saison yeast.

FYI i'm leaning towards either a wit or an american West Coast Saison (different than the other two i have)

08/12/05 09:39 AM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
I think your options are very open by sticking with a saison mindset. There are 8% saisons and 5% saisons. Some are dark, some are very pale. Some are sourish, some horsey, some spiced and some pretty clean. So a good question here is what exactly do you have in these two carboys? If you have gone the more conventional 6ish% pale beer, maybe try something more like Moinette bruin. If you have spiced the other two maybe try something sans-spice so you can get a clearer picture of the yeast profile. And since your yeast would be in prime shape, you could think about uping your gravity.

Yeast is real important, we all respect that. But I think too many brewers get caught up in obtaining a yeast and sticking with the style(s) specific to that yeast. I picked up Wlabs Octoberfest yeast last December and worked it up with a Berliner Weisse (that went on to a pretty odd place!), I then made an Ofest and then a barley wine. The yeast seemed to be working so well I couldn't bring myself to flush it so I made a helles lager too. Was the Ofest yeast the recommended choice for all these beer styles? Heck no. Did it work great for all of them? I think so.

09/07/05 10:28 AM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast

Did you wash the yeast before re-using it? or did you just rack the new batch right back on top of it? I have a saison in primary right now and i want to do another saison in about a week. Should I just rack on top the trub?

09/07/05 01:33 PM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
Just racked it right on top. So far made the original, a Wit style, and now a stronger saison (1.080). Each time fermentation started quicker than the last. Literally 30 minutes after racking onto the yeast, it started bubbling.
09/07/05 02:46 PM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
Hi Brian

>>Did you wash the yeast before re-using it? or did you just rack the new batch right back on top of it?<<

The ladder, I have done as many as 4 beers with the same slurry, each racked on the yeast cake of the last. My results are basically the same as organicbrewer's, I have seen bits of foam moving through the blow-off tube in as little as 40 minutes after pitching.

Be sure to taste the beer that's racked off though. Be a shame to rack fresh wort on a cake that has gone bad. Rare but not impossible.

09/07/05 04:08 PM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
Great, thanks guys!

p.s. Steve, you headed to Kennett Square? If not you should!

10/16/05 11:22 PM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
I reuse yeast all the time, but haven't done a saison yet. As SteveG points out, be sure to taste what's coming off the yeast before planning to reuse. I often use them three times--once for a 1.050/1.060 beer, once for a 1.080ish beer then once for a bigger one yet. I used to use the secondary yeast, but in the last year or two I haven't been doing the primary-secondary rack. They're just single fermenter brews. The next batch goes right on top of the primary yeast, trub, etc. So far no problems, just fast takeoffs!


Madison, WI

10/17/05 09:52 AM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
bill6beers! Its been a while, great to see you post here. Steve
10/17/05 07:29 PM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
Thanks Steve. I've been pretty busy running the homebrew club, helping to run the Great Taste beer festival, motorcycling, homebrewing, writing some hb articles for a local paper, etc, and haven't had a lot of online time to use for fun.

I'm going over to Belgium and Amsterdam soon, meeting up then traveling with Chuck et al, and thought I'd check in to see what's going on.

I see there's this new forum, which is cool. I have three Belgians to bottle before my trip next week...a blonde/pale ale and two triples. They'll be going into our club's Franco-Belgian hb contest while I'm gone. It's November 5th if you're interested in entering. Hopefully my carbonation won't suck, being so young.

Op uw gesondheit!


10/18/05 07:18 AM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
<<They'll be going into our club's Franco-Belgian hb contest while I'm gone. >>

Ah, are you pals with Chet?

10/18/05 12:59 PM  
Re: Reusing Saison Yeast
I don't know Bill, but I did send a beer to his competition!

Did you get any in, Steve?

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