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P. Bernardo
08/17/05 06:00 PM  
Any luck with Biere de Garde?
Hello all,

I haven't had much luck finding any info on brewing this style. I do own the Markowski book, but was wondering if any homebrewers have experience they could pass on. Particularly with regard to yeast strain.


Scott Jacskon
09/13/05 01:25 PM  
Re: Any luck with Biere de Garde?
I did one before Markowski's book came out. I basically made an amber beer recipe (about 1.060 OG) with light hops and used WLP500 fermenting at about 60 degress F. According to White Labs chart fermenting in that range is supposed to produce an "earthy" character.

I was pretty pleased with it, but it was still a little more spicy than I was lookinhg for. After reading Markowski's book and seeing his lecture I would like to try it again with basically the same grain bill but use a lager yeast (maybe California lager) at the same fermentation temp.

Eric K
11/26/05 12:07 AM  
Re: Any luck with Biere de Garde?
I tried an experiment with two differnt stains of yeast for my Bier de Garde: WLP500 Trappist and WYeast 1007 German Ale. WY1007 was much drier an extremly bitter. I used Spalter Spalt with a total expected IBU of 19, but dispite this low IBU value the WY1007 strain really exacerbated the hops. This flavor profile was not what I was aiming for. The batch with WLP500 was fruity with a malty back, slightly dry, very tasty. WLP500 was a clear winner.

matt dinges
11/27/05 09:30 PM  
Re: Any luck with Biere de Garde?
Here is a recipe I brewed not too long ago...it was for a brewery competition using their ingredients, so this isn't really the hop bill I would have choosen...I used Wyeast Munich Lager and fermented it around 72*F. I think the beer turned out very good (I got 3rd in the comp)...although I think the malt was too light in it.



Lazlo's winter warmer

A ProMash Brewing Session - Recipe Details Report

Recipe Specifics


Batch Size (Gal): 12.00 Wort Size (Gal): 12.00

Total Grain (Lbs): 29.00

Anticipated OG: 1.065 Plato: 15.81

Anticipated SRM: 9.3

Anticipated IBU: 27.4

Brewhouse Efficiency: 75 %

Wort Boil Time: 90 Minutes


% Amount Name Origin Potential SRM


82.8 24.00 lbs. Pilsener Malt(2-Row) Continental Eu 1.035 1

6.9 2.00 lbs. Aromatic Malt Belgium 1.036 22

5.2 1.50 lbs. Honey Malt Canada 1.030 18

3.4 1.00 lbs. Beet Sugar Generic 1.046 0

1.7 0.50 lbs. Special B Malt Belgium 1.030 145

Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.


Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time


1.00 oz. Cluster Whole 6.20 10.8 60 min.

0.80 oz. Perle Whole 6.50 4.6 30 min.

1.00 oz. Columbus Pellet 15.60 10.0 20 min.

1.50 oz. Willamette Pellet 4.20 2.0 1 min.



WYeast 2308 Munich Lager

12/10/05 09:28 AM  
Re: Any luck with Biere de Garde?
According to a yeast article in the latest BYO, Wyeast is planning to release:

3725 Biere de Garde strain - "low to moderate ester production with mild spicyness" - low floc, 76-80% atten, 70-95 (?!) degree temp range.

3726 Farmhouse Ale - "Complex aromas dominated by an earth/spicy note" - low floc, 76-81% atten, 70-95 degree temp range.

The temp range is interesting...

The article doesn't say when it'll be released, other than "soon."

12/11/05 04:52 PM  
Re: Any luck with Biere de Garde?
I made a Beire De Garde in May, 10 gal. 30 pds. Castle pils, 140 mash temp 45 mins. single decoction, 2/3 cup dark candi sugar, 3.5 oz 4.1 fuggle,1.5 0z goldings for 60 mins. 3 oz. 4.3 saaz 45mins 1/2 oz 4.3 saaz 15 mins.

Ferment @ 50 deg.7 days with White Lab 830 German Lager.

Rack to secondary add Orval yeast cultured from bottle, and 5 whole star anise. leave at 50 deg. 9wks.then lager for 6 wks.

O.G. 1.081. F.G. 1.011.

I was quite pleased with results, maybe a little high on the gravity for style, but not far out of guidelines. Nice amber color and good malt profile, I would probably cut back on star anise for a slightly more subtle effect. It drinks well and I have named it "Narcotic" for its effect.

12/12/05 12:29 AM  
Re: Any luck with Biere de Garde?
I'm witness to the "narcotic" effects of Rod's narctic beer. A very good beer, but don't expect to do anything important for awhile.

12/12/05 04:06 PM  
Re: Any luck with Biere de Garde?
Was it a gravity thing or does star anise have narcaleptic properties? I could have used some for my back last week!
Eric Q
01/24/06 06:19 PM  
Re: Any luck with Biere de Garde?
The new Wyeast 3725 & 3726 strains started shipping December 26, according to Greg at the lab. So ask your LHBS to put in an order.

I'm actually about to brew up a Biere de Garde this weekend using that strain. I'll let you know how it turns out.

04/21/07 04:12 AM  
More Tragedy in Media

It is horrible what happened at VT a few days ago.

The reporters are really showing these video footages too much.

I hope it doesn't put bad ideas in the heads of new killers!

I wonder if there's any footage not shown yet.

I hope the coverage goes away...

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