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08/17/05 08:50 PM  
Demise of WLP565?
I would like to get some of the boards recent experience with this yeast. Like I mentioned previously I have been brewing with it for a couple of years and have had great experience with it.

The last vial that I purchased has, while still being tasty, not performed the way that this yeast did in the past. It no longer finishes near as dry as I would like, and as dry as it used to.

Recently I have brewed 4 beers with it ranging with starting gravities from 1.040 to 1.065. The final gravities ended up ranging from 1.006 to 1.011. All of these had an extended primary and secondary fermentation. In fact I have not changed anything, and I am almost 100% sure that it is the yeast I purchased that has caused the change.

Prior to this my final gravities ranged from 1.001 to 1.003 when brewing a beer from these original gravity levels, even when mashing as high as 156*F.

What has been your experience with this yeast? I would like to know if you did extended primary fermentations, which was even required with the old strain to get the high attenuation.

The yeast is still tasty, but I really like a dry Saison. Did I get a mutated vial, or has Whitelabs selected the yeast to perform more like the numbers that they publish?

Any thoughts?

08/18/05 04:36 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
I'm a big fan of this strain, as well, but haven't brewed with it in awhile.

I have a starter of it ready for the rye saison I was supposed to brew last weekend, before the weather turned ugly and delayed my brewday.

I'll be sure to post my results when all is said and done.

08/19/05 02:31 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
Sebastian, I took the liberty of writing WhiteLabs for you, lets see what they say.

It's been tough for me to get on the last couple days, some undetermined thing has my hard drive coughing up blood. I just put a new one in there, it is my hope I can ultimately retreive all my stuff. But I'll be a bit scarce till I have this resolved.

08/19/05 05:51 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
SteveG wrote<<Sebastian, I took the liberty of writing WhiteLabs for you, lets see what they say.>>

Hmm, my post was mostly just musings on my part (which is why I wanted to get other peoples recent experience), but I will be curious to see if and what they respond.


08/22/05 09:34 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
I used wlp565 in the spring for a saison. Starting gravity was 15 plato (1.060) and before I bottled the gravity was slightly under 2 plato (1.008). Sounds like what you've experienced.
08/31/05 06:45 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
I'll let you know the FG when I bottle soon. I've been seeing people on other hb forums reporting higher FG's than what you had posted earlier so I figured maybe people just weren't giving it enough time. I'm not sure about that now. I hope it's not a case of WL selectively making it perform more quickly for commercial brewers at the expense of less attenuation.
09/01/05 07:26 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
OK, something is fishy. I followed all the protocol for this yeast, kept temps. high, even well into the 90's during primary (I'm in CA and we were having a heat wave), mashed 146-148, 2L starter, plenty of oxygenation, added yeast nutrient, and I roused yeast periodically during both primary and secondary.

100% pils, 1.055 OG. Brewed 7/21, racked 8/4, gravity was 1.012 and the beer was clear as can be. When racked, sucked up some yeast to secondary, roused periodically during secondary. Bottled today, 9/1. Clear as a bell and no change in gravity: 1.012. Temps. were 80+ almost the entire time.

09/12/05 09:02 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
I think it's time to culture some yeast from a Dupont bottle, do a split batch, one with WL and one with the cultured Dupont, and compare FG's. Has anyone done this in the past?
09/13/05 12:38 PM  
Re: Yeast Comparison
Ipaguy wrote<<I think it's time to culture some yeast from a Dupont bottle, do a split batch, one with WL and one with the cultured Dupont, and compare FG's. Has anyone done this in the past?>>

I haven't done this, but am seriously contemplating it as well. I also plan on culturing from some older homebrew saison's from when the yeast worked as I liked.

Keep us informed if you do something like this.

09/13/05 06:46 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
Ok, I do plan on doing this. As an aside, there is a very nice article on culturing yeast from the bottle that was in the Sept. BYO and is now online:


10/05/05 02:53 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
Well, my rye saison has been in primary for just over a month and I've just taken a gravity reading.

1.016. Ouch! That's too high, and I pitched a big starter, aerated like crazy, and kept it in the mid 80's throughout the month.

I hadn't planned on putting this one in secondary, but it seems my experience matches up with others here who have reported that it doesn't attenuate near as much as before. Into the warm secondary, it goes.

10/05/05 04:20 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
Hi Mark, nice to see you here. Your post begs the question where did the gravity start? Positive iodine tests before mash out?
10/05/05 11:55 PM  
Re: Demise of WLP565?
Hey Steve,

Starting gravity was 1.057.

And I've never used the iodine test for conversion. Never had a problem before, as my beers have always turned out well. I'm sure the problem lies with the yeast.

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