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11/01/05 01:49 PM  
Belgian Pale
I'm looking to do a Belgian Pale such as Petrus Pale. Do any of you have a good reliable recipe for such a thing? I've already got a nice big slurry of Brett growing ready to funk something up.
11/01/05 03:36 PM  
Re: Belgian Pale
I think there is no real thing as a reliable recipe in this case. A grist to get something like Petrus pale is not hard, the real key is in the yeast/microbiology handling. How much brettanomyces would you really want to add to make something like that? It isn't a benevolent ruler!
11/01/05 04:03 PM  
Re: Belgian Pale
I just finished off a Belg. Pale w/Brett - it wasn't anything like Petrus (more bitter/darker & stronger brett); with the brett in the secondary (keg).

It hit a window where it was very nice (if you like brett), but continued to evolve to it's detriment.

Didn't finish bad, but I really wish I'd crash chilled it to stop the process. A data point for brett experimenters.

11/01/05 04:07 PM  
Re: Belgian Pale
I see your point, Steve. Makes pretty good sense. I do agree with the biological process. It is a question of how much is enough. I've got a good idea of what I want in my pale. I was just seeing if anyone had tried one and had good success.

I'll probably even let this sit on some oak chips as well to imitate the oak ageing. Maybe even split the batch and add some cherries to half. Oh, the possibilities...

11/01/05 04:41 PM  
Re: Belgian Pale
I have to admit, its been a while since I've had one, back in the RealBeer Belgian club days. What I remember of it was more a lacto-baccillus kinda brew. I think Brett can become dominent pretty easily, I appreciate its flavor but I think it is better in small doses. N8, am I correct in thinking you said you were a professional lab guy?
11/01/05 05:05 PM  
Re: Belgian Pale
You know, you might be right. It does have more of a Lacto bite. I still pick up hints of Brett in it though. Seeing that it is aged in an oaken barrel it could very well be a combo of the two.

Yes, I'm a microbiologist, specifically microspheres, with a lil bit of proteomics and nanoparticles thrown in for spice.

11/01/05 10:57 PM  
Re: Belgian Pale
My best suggestion for a guy like you would be to get a source of the necessary bugs - the WYeast pack would work well here - and play with it. AlB did that for me, I passed off a second generation slurry of the stuff and he returned it a few generations older and rebalanced. He played with the levels of the various components so they made more sense to him. His instincts proved to be great, I consider the resulting beer a great success. But then you'll be able to judge for yourself soon, that is my wood aged beer!
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