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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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12/07/05 10:13 AM  
Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
Though in retrospect a Friday night may have been easier! Of the 5 beers we opened 3 were high gravity - an imperial stout, a 1.090 Baltic porter and a cask barley wine. Then I went and accidentally opened a wrong beer, instead of the stout I opened N8s other brew - another barley wine! OK, now THAT'S a Tuesday night!!

The other two beers were from myself and BillS, both Flander's red. WYeast 3763 (Roeselare Belgian Blend) is so quirky, it was interesting to see where our adventures in building generations with this one went. Mine gained in souring agents (I had the help of a bio pro though!) where Bill's were overtaken by other components of the blend.

Mike barley wine had a great story, the members of his club all make 1.080 or greater worts and they combined them to age in a single large cask. When Mike got his share back he then dry hopped it with really beautiful results, it was the evening's favorite for several of us.

Those of you who have swapped with Chet know he always has some envelope-pushing aspect to his brew, it was getting later by the time his bourbon barrel baltic was opened but I think I recall another boil time of staggering duration. Got a little education in the style of Baltic porter, I thought it was fairly distinct but really it is pretty wide open with ABVs ranging from 5 to nearly 10%. Wow! My best recollection here was a hint of dried sour cherry in its character.

Lastly was another real beauty, N8s imperial stout. By 10:00 the details really got fuzzy, I recall this was in excess of 1.090, 1.092 I think, but shockingly soft in its show of alcohol. Richly textured and mild in taste with pretty much no indication of its strength, a classic example of a beer that hides its ABV until the drinker trys to stand!

When all was said and done I was intriged by the effects of wood, in some cases lingering and other fading and becoming something different. Have you played around with wood aging? IMO you oughta', it's a specialty twist in the craft brewing community that is starting to pick up steam and a neat way to see another face of what a beer can be.

12/07/05 11:34 AM  
Re: Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
SteveG, I would love plan for another event... a sour trade maybe? Say in May? While some would prefer to use what they have, I think we can make a nice mature sour beer (not lambic) in about 5 months. Both of ours were about 5-6 months old and in good condition.

Yes, it was a good swap. It would have been fun to spread it our more. My wife was amazed when I woke up this morning all chipper and happy sans hangover. She thought I was pretty toasted last night-- probaly true.

12/07/05 11:46 AM  
Re: Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
Last night's tasting was quite a kick in the pants. Had a great time. Feeling fine today. All is good.

A sour beer swap would be nice. I've been meaning to make a Belgian pale. That would give me the perfect excuse to actually get out and do it.

Thanks for sharing all the great beers, guys.

12/07/05 12:08 PM  
Re: Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
It has been a little while, the last swap we did that focused on sour beers was in August of '04. Here's who/what we had:

Matt Walker - FLANDERS RED






The sour swaps tend to attract a high ratio of improvisation! It was a neat line up though, pretty diverse while still being very themey. I think it would not be so bad an idea to do that annually.

One I've been interested in but I don't think has a snowballs chance of actually happening is a swap of beer made totally with ambient fermentation agents. Truely open air spontaneous. I'm not so sure there will ever be enough people who could go in on that though. My "ambient ale" is sour so I could particpate in a sour swap. May sounds like good timing, the weather is pretty friendly for shipping beer. If we can get 5 I think that be fun.

12/07/05 12:11 PM  
Re: Sour homebrew swap
BillS Wrote

<<I would love plan for another event... a sour trade maybe? Say in May? >>

Ooh, I would be interested in this. I have a sour brown, which might be ready to bottle soon.

12/07/05 02:18 PM  
Re: Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
I'm game for a sour swap - I've got a Berliner Weisse that should be fairly sour by then.

Thanks for organizing everything Steve; great brews by all!

12/09/05 06:49 AM  
Re: sour beer swap
Slight retraction...

Although, I would love to particpate in a swap in 5 months or so I may not be able. Is there interest in one sooner?

I will be packaging two "wild ales" over the xmas time:

1) 100% fermented with brett, has been aging about 9months. Leftover Maibock and helles were the base (but never touchecd with the lager yeast).

2) Some of the flanders that was tasted at the wood swap (but never aged with wood) blended with baltic porter that had been aged with bret.


12/09/05 09:17 AM  
Re: Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
Sure, we can try for any time. Maybe I'll ask about March, does that work?
matt dinges
12/10/05 02:08 AM  
Re: Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
I've got a 2 beers I've been using Roeselare with(1 strong and hoppy 1porter)...2 beers I did with a saison yeast a guy in NM sent me(one featuring pineapple sage 1?)...and I think even some bottles of the one I sent in the previous swap!

I'd be in too, but March is the probably the_soonest_I'd want to ship.

Hey is there any interest in a group of people all_brewing_the same recipe independantly and then swapping that beer? If you wanted, you could allow certain variables...ie, everybody pick a different Belgian yeast to use...or how much sugar to add...ect...ect...

Just a thought, I just moved and won't be able to get my brewing area set up until the spring, but I have plenty of beers now!



12/10/05 09:15 AM  
Re: Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
I've also got a Lepzieger (sp?) Gose type sour beer in carboy. Could be interesting....
12/12/05 04:08 PM  
Re: Wood aged homebrew swap - what fun!
Matt, I'd certainly be up for that. I have all my brewing stuff for the next 6 batches, so a common recipe thing would do for me till spring. I've never participated in something like that though, sounds pretty cool. Steve
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