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12/13/05 04:29 PM  
Poperinge Hops
Does anyone know where to purchase Brewers' Gold and Hallertau hops from the Poperinge region of Belgium? I've been looking around and have been unable to find any store that actually sells hops FROM Poperinge. From your experience, what are close substitutes to these? I plan on brewing a 12 in a couple of weeks.


Eric K
12/13/05 08:01 PM  
Re: Poperinge Hops
Possible replacement for Hallertauer would be Mt. Hood (4-8% AA), Liberty (3-6% AA), Ultra (3-6.9% AA) or Crystal (2-4.5% AA). Crystal is the hoppiest of the bunch despite the low Alpha Acid content. All of these varieties are triploied crosses with Hallertauer Mittlruh. I prefer Mt. Hood and Ultra for my Belgian and German brews.

A replacement for Brewers Gold would be it's parent: Bullion.

Check out the following links for hop descriptions:




Eric K

12/14/05 10:58 AM  
Re: Poperinge Hops
Are you from the US Tremens? I can say I've been buying hops since 1989 and have never seen any specified as a product of Belgium. If you are looking for a source in the US I would be really surprised if you had success. Europe may well be another story.

Jim Keaveney
12/14/05 11:19 AM  
Re: Poperinge Hops
Ditto what Steve said. Brewers'Gold originated out of the UK and I think is also grown in Germany which may be available in the US. Hallertau obviously is originally from Germany and IMO an outstanding hop. The German grown version is widely available in the US.
12/19/05 05:46 PM  
Re: Poperinge Hops
Yes, I am from the US.

Thanks you for all of your comments. I'll give your suggestions a try. My goal in this is to make a beer in the Westvletern 12 style.

12/20/05 01:35 PM  
Re: Poperinge Hops
For what its worth tremens, success in a venture of that scope is really not contingent on the country of origin of your hops. That's quite a target you've set, best of luck in attaining it. Acheiving the mellowness of alcohol given the strength of the beer in particular will be no small accomplishment. Please let us know how it works out. Steve
Jim Keaveney
12/21/05 01:04 PM  
Re: Poperinge Hops
Well, you can make something in the general "style" that can be quite good. OTOH, if I could clone Westy 12, my life would probably be much different. ;)
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