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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Mike W
01/05/06 04:12 AM  
Rochefort 10 Clone
Looking for a decent Rochefort 10 Recipe.....

The more I ask, the more bizarre the recipes I get!

Yeast Choice?? Or Blend??

01/05/06 02:33 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Here is the recipe from a fellow brewer in the Neatherlands. I've brewed this recipe several times, as well as other guys I brew with, and is very good. As far as making it a Roch. 10, add a bit more candi sugar to bump up the ABV to 10-11%.

Fermentation temperature was 21-23C. No water treatment, my water is 10D. For more info about water treatment regarding the Rochefort area, i refer to HBD#4116 & HBD#4115 (article by Jacques Bertens & Jan Willem van Groenigen).

Ingredients for 10 liters, 1.080 OG, 32 IBU, 70 EBC :

Maltbill % Amount

Pilsner malt (Belgian) 70.4 2375 g

Caramunich 120 EBC 11.1 375 g

Carafa Spezial 800EBC (dehusked) 1.5 50 g

Special "B" 3.7 125 g

Flaked Corn 3.7 125 g

Dark Candysugar 9.6 325 g

Hops(whole)& Spices Amount Boiltime

Styrian Goldings 4.2% 23 grams 75 min.

Hallertau Hersbrucker 3.5% 10 grams 30 min.

Hallertau Hersbrucker 3.5% 5 grams 5 min

Coreanderseed whole, freshly crushed 5 grams 5 min.

Yeast: Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II or recultered from a bottle of Rochefort. The winning recipe used the Wyeast.

Mashing: 3 liters per kg malt. Flaked corn boiled separately before adding to the mash.

Mashing schedule Temperature Rest

Intermediate 60-62C 30 min.

Saccharification 68C 60 min.

Mash out 75C 5 min.

Sparge 78C 'till complete

Mike W
01/06/06 04:05 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Thanks N8!!

Does that stand for Nate!

01/06/06 11:23 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Yep, that's right.

Sean Paxton
01/09/06 11:16 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Mike W.

I’d highly recommend the new brew book, “Brew like a Monk”. There is a chapter on all the Trappist beers and their make up.

From Stan’s book:

Rochefort 10

O.G. 1.096

ABV: 11.3%

Apparent Degree of Attenuation: 89%

Color: 45 SRM

IBU: 27

Malt: Dingerman’s Pilsner and Caramel Malts

Adjuncts: White Sugar, Dark Sugar, Wheat Starch

Hops: Styrian Goldings, Hallertau

Spices: Coriander

Yeast: Rochefort (Wyeast 1762)

Water: Spring Water

Mash: Step Infusion, 135/145/165/172

Boil: Sugars are added last 15 along with Coriander (Small amount)

Primary Fermentation: Yeast pitched at 68 Degrees, allowed to rise to 73 Degrees for 7 days

Secondary Fermentation: 3 days at 46 Degrees

Re-fermented in the bottle with primary yeast

Bottling: 3.5 volumes of CO2 per liter of volume in the bottle (7 grams)

Aging: ‘10’ for 10 months

Hope this helps



01/10/06 07:18 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Seems a bit inspecific for a recipe!
Sean Paxton
01/10/06 11:12 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
I know how Mike W brews... He needs help :)
Mike W
01/12/06 01:10 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Thanks Steve!

Sean's correct....... Just give me the bones and I will work out the rest. Part of the fun is to figure out the amount (gms,ozs, lbs, Kg, etc) of grains and hops... That said, I do like to see a complete recipe too.

I don't really like to make a exact clone, nor could I, but I like to be the same range.... The wonderful thing amount Belgian Beers is that the variables can be changed in so many ways....



01/12/06 01:11 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Oh! Sean meant to say, I don't need that much help....



01/17/06 06:16 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
I justed wanted to jump in here and say "Hi". Belgian beers are simply the best in the world. The Roche 8 recipe N8 listed is a tried and true clone from Herman H. Don't think you could go wrong with that one! N8, I'm making your La Chouffe clone this Friday.
01/17/06 08:06 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Welcome Joe. Always happy to get another brewer on board for whom a Rochefort 8 clone is "tried and true"!
01/18/06 10:47 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Hey Joe,

Welcome aboard. You're going to love that La Chouffe recipe. I need make it again. So many beers, so little time...

Did you ever get those Delerium Tremens beers that Denny and I made? Denny said he was going to send them a week or two ago.

01/18/06 01:32 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Thanks guys. N8, after a failed La Chouffe culture attempt(s), I just bought the Wy3522 Belgian Ardennes. Can't wait - my starter's rockin'.

Haven't gotten Denny's shipment yet - I think he told me he was going to ship sometime this week or next. He said your Delirium tremens clone was particularly outstanding. I told him I'd ship a couple bottles of my Westmalle Tripel clone - if I have any left! I entered it in the Upper Mississippi Mashout which starts tomorrow. You are one lucky dude to be going to Belgium!

01/18/06 01:59 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Strange that you've had trouble with the La Chouffe yeast. That stuff gets going fairly easy the few times I've cultured it up.

Good luck with Miss. Mashout

Let me know how it goes with the LC brew.

01/19/06 04:20 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Thanks for the info.....

I will be brewing N8's Rochefort 8 recipe (Bumped up to a 10) this Saturday.....

Any particular amount of time to boil the Corn flakes??

Thanks all!

01/19/06 08:38 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Mike,No need to boil flaked corn. It's pre-gelatinized. Just throw them in with the mash.

I think you'll really like the resulting brew. I can't take credit for the recipe, just passing it along. Thank Herman H., which I'm surprised doesn't frequent this forum/website.

01/21/06 10:15 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Is anyone here from The Netherlands?

I used to be a huge homebrewer. However, I have done little since moving to Rotterdam as I cannot find anything other than dried years. Does anyone know where I can get liquid yeast near Rotterdam. I have farmed some yeast from Chimay years ago, but it took quite a few bottles before I got it to take.

01/21/06 08:36 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Hey Ya Barlinator,

Email me, I have an aquaintance that lives in that area. I'll pass his email to you and he can lead you in the right direction.

01/21/06 08:36 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone

insubordin8n AT gmail DOT com

01/24/06 04:08 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
I just moved to Portland, Oregon..... Beervana of America...

About the only thing left for me to Homebrew is Belgian Beers.... Everything else is outside my door.....

01/24/06 10:55 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Hey Mike,

I'm down in Eugene. I understand the Beervana thing.

We have a local pub that has 800+ beers available for consumption on site or to go. plus 10 constantly rotating beers on tap and a great food menu. It's spoiled me for any other pub.

When you get a chance, get over to Amnesia brewing. It's near the Widmer Gasthaus and White Eagle.

01/24/06 04:38 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone

I've heard about the pub you're talking about... Can't remember the name... Doesn't it have a homebrew shop attached??

Been to Amnesia..... Nice ESB.

Have you been to Concordia Ale House? It's in the same vein as the pub you have down there... Not as many beers.

I may have to take a road trip and check out that pub!

What did ya think of Bridgeport's new SURPRIZ Belgian Blonde???? ;-}

Are you in a HB club down there??

01/24/06 06:45 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
The Bier Stein doesn't have a homebrew shop attached. you might be thinking of the Corvallis shop that has a small bottle shop attached to a small homebrew shop.

Haven't been to Concordia, yet. But I'll get eventually, as I make frequent trips up there.

Haven't tried Bridgeports Belgian Blonde yet. How is it?

Yes, I'm the president, newly elected, of our local homebrew club. Cascade Brewers Society.

There is a good up and coming club in PDX called PDX brewers. You should look them up.

Come on down, we'll show you around. Our little beer meca.

01/24/06 07:27 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Nice to see you N8 in another forum. So when you make your next trip up here let a guy know. We should hook up and have a beer. Also trade some brew. You said you would be interested in a trappist swap right. BTW no luck on the drip tray for you. Sorry man, I guess it wasn't ment to be or something.
01/24/06 07:56 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
you following me around or what, Mark?

Sounds good with the beer and swaps.

01/24/06 10:46 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone

I've just formed a new Advanced Brewing Club in Portland... the Portland Underground Brewing Society - PUDS.

More on that via private email if interested..... A group of us were looking to create an advanced educational HB Club...

01/24/06 11:11 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Sure MW, that sounds good. I would like to see what you got cooking.

My email is 7 posts above.

01/24/06 11:18 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
Mike, is that the Advanced Brewing Club where you are going to boil corn flakes?

Sup N8! Congrads on the Pres thing. Ya fooled them didn't you? I guess some has to keep Javis under control. Mark told me about this site so I came by.


01/25/06 03:23 AM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
N8 - I'll send ya an email....

JASON!! - Yea, I want some extra fermentable sugars in my wort, so I figure if Corn Flakes will work, I'll use Tony's Sugar Froasted Flakes! They're GREAT! Does that kind of talk make you homesick for the ol' hometown boys!! ;-}

Good to see yer staying up on the brewing! Didn't know you knew your Enkle from your Brettanamyeces... ;-}

Send me an email at home, tell me what you've been up too. How's Big Sky country??

01/25/06 03:54 PM  
Re: Rochefort 10 Clone
N8 yeah man, gotta follow around the pro's. Congrats on the new being the prez. What does your club have cooking for the year. Like I said let me know when you will be around so we can hook up for beers. Are you going to that fest in Euguene?

Jason- Glad to see you here.

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