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Like the BBB, the homeBBBrew board is not a club, just a place to talk about making beer. Is there a swap you would like to see happen? If we can find a few others who have something similar then lets do it!

I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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02/13/06 09:04 AM  
Re: GREAT swap opportunity!
Dude - all of that is so you! The syrup swap will be fun, no doubt my first "chinese yellow lump candy" beer!! Don't ever change! Looking forward to getting some Chet-style sour ales, mine going out today.
Sean Paxton
02/13/06 11:44 AM  
Re: GREAT swap opportunity!
Wow Chet… And hear I thought I was brewing a lot. What a comparison brewing session! Looking forward to trying what you’ve brewed!

I transferred my Dubble/Westy 8 clone. I only used a half of a cup of the Dark Candi Syrup, so my color isn’t as dark as I was shooting for. There is a nice rosé hue to the beer. What impressed me even more was the attenuation. OG was 1.063, and yesterday I got a reading of 1.006! Stand back Steve!

Here are a few pics: http://www.pbase.com/westmalle/beer

This should be a fun swap.

Brewed up my Rochefort 10 yesterday!



02/21/06 04:04 PM  
Re: GREAT swap opportunity!
So far so good on the dubbel. It has a background bitterness that is too heavy for my liking, but it was not as heavy as it was a week ago. Hopfully given a little more time it will dissapate entirely. To be honest the bitterness surprises me a little, it is not typical of my hopping and I didn't do anything all that different. Huh.

Aside from that I can say I'm pretty happy with this one. It is the first dubbel I've made that has shown reasonable similarity to the authentic style. By and large my other attempts have been more regular old brown ale-ish. It has cleared beautifully and is showing signs of developing that "rummy" (though I have always preferred "branyish") character we all know and love. The final call on gravity is 1008, interestingly the same as the tripple I racked last night. Same yeast but the trip scored 8 points higher in gravity - and the tripple might have another point or two to drop.

Sour swap is tomorrow, when that is behind me planning for the candi syrup swap will commense.

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