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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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01/16/06 12:59 PM  
Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
OK, if we are all still go here lets work it out. I have 2 things I could toss in, you guys still good? Should we start emailing to work out a plan? Steve
01/16/06 02:19 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
I'm still in.
01/16/06 02:28 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
I'm in - Berliner Weisse... any target date range?
01/16/06 02:37 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
We can only figure that in a preliminary way until everyone has checked in, but I think eariler in March is a good idea. I'm going to be in Spain for a week later in the month, 17th to 24th I think, so that's out. I like to find out from everyone what is impossible and work it from there though before I start making suggestions. Lets give Bill and Sebastian a day or so to get back. Sour beer takes a while to make, and since this only came up a month or so ago I have to believe everyone who wanted in already had beer in hand. Planning is often complicated by someones beer not being bottled or otherwise ready, but that probably won't be a concern here. That should make it easier.
01/17/06 11:36 AM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
I'll be in Belgium Feb27th thru March 14th. Going to the Zythos and Nacht van Grote fests, among other things, oh, and brewing at Cantillion.

March isn't looking so good from the out of town dates.

Scott Jackson
01/17/06 11:37 AM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
Is this swap full or can I be in? I have a sour beer to share.
01/17/06 12:10 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
hmm, I am running a bit behind on getting this beer bottled. I was hoping to age it a bit longer on some oak before I bottled, so a March date might be hard for me to hit. I cant' see rushing things after waiting for two years for this beer to mature.

Looks like Scott might be able to take my place though.

01/17/06 12:20 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
N8, no prob, planning to this point could not be more preliminary. We'll figure it out.

Scott, I would never not find room for you!

Sebastian, no sweat. There is at least one of these a year, hang onto a bottle.

Bill S
01/17/06 05:40 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
I think any date in March is possible.

I need to bottle but am consifering kegging and CP fill to avoid the probs of too low pH and ordinary yeast.

Feb may be possible? Might be tough before 14 Feb to work out plans.

01/17/06 08:13 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
OK Bill, and then there were 5! I don't think we should rule out February, I could ship in the next 2 or 3 weeks. My beer is force carbonated, its shtick is that it is 100% ambient fermented - and 2 years old - so I'd need to add yeast to get it fizzy but I don't want to. But when force carbonating I believe patience is a great virtue. Been going about 10 days and showing great promise.

Funny thing, my beer isn't actually all that sour despite my spontaneous efforts. Bit of a surprise. But considering there will probably never be a spontaneous fermentation swap I'm cheating! Really, its a fascinating beer.

With your post Bill I will set the wheels in motion...

01/18/06 10:41 AM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
My B.Weisse is in a keg - I can force carbonate if needed, but I can bottle some w/fresh yeast & be ready to ship by Feb 11th.

Timing wise, I'm pretty well open (assuming a weeknight swap, that is).

Should we continue to post details to this thread, or communicate through email?

01/18/06 11:39 AM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
It would probably be easier to go email at this point. I've sent out the first attempt to coordinate, we should have a plan soon.
01/18/06 07:04 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap

If you are looking at early March I would be interested. I did the quick Flanders Red from Wild Brews in early Dec. but I won't know till mid-Feb if it is going to be ready.


01/18/06 09:59 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
Hi Brad, it is looking more and more like February. Chet is away in Europe for the for 14 days of March, two days after he gets back I'm over there. But I'd like to mention we do at least on sour/funky beer swap a year, sometimes two. A Flanders Red will often mature nicely given a little time, please try to hang on to a few bottles. Before you know it there will be another announcement! Perhaps in the fall...
02/13/06 11:20 AM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
Chet, N8, your boxes are en route. N8, yours is supposed to be there later than Chets, look for it Monday. Bill, yours will hit the road today or tomorrow,

Looking forward to a week from Wednesday!

02/14/06 09:09 PM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
All boxes are in route.

2 to 3 days they should be there.

The sour beer I sent is a light Belgian Pale fermented with Brett. Lambicus, Brett. Bruxellensis, and Lactobacillus Delbruckii.

The other one is a crazy spiced Belgian xmas style brew.

See ya next Wednesday.

02/15/06 08:59 AM  
Re: Sour Beer Homebrew Swap
Mine are shipping today - Berliner Weisse and a sourmash saisonish thing...
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