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Like the BBB, the homeBBBrew board is not a club, just a place to talk about making beer. Is there a swap you would like to see happen? If we can find a few others who have something similar then lets do it!

I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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01/25/06 07:21 AM  
Portland Underground Brewing Society
Hey Portlanders! It looked like the Rochefort thread was derailing in context so I thought I would offer to start you a thread on your new club. Sounds like a neat idea, similar in thinking actually to this board. If you'd benefit from an online communication resource let me know, I could make you a forum here. Steve
01/25/06 03:34 PM  
Re: Portland Underground Brewing Society
I think we're done with our online reunion.....
01/25/06 04:14 PM  
Re: Portland Underground Brewing Society
OK. Its been a while since I've done this, but somewhere in the forum code is a way to add a new forum. I've dorked around and have not figured it out yet, but its definately in there. FYI, if you feel it could help your clubs efforts to have a virtual meeting place I would be happy to set something up for you. I could even password protect it if necessary. Not that I'm trying to chase you away from here of course! Certainly not, but a virtual meeting place is free and easy and can come in handy. I plan to figure out how its done anyway, that's something I should know how to do. I'm happy to help anyone doing what you guys are doing.
01/26/06 01:56 AM  
Re: Portland Underground Brewing Society
So far, we don't have many members....... But it sounds like a great idea when we get more people.....

I could use something like that for a Homebrew festival that I help organize. I'm in Oregon and the others are in California.........

Thanks Steve

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