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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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03/01/06 04:54 PM  
Belgian Bottle Corks are here!!
Well folks the ship has finally landed and the first batch of proper sized corks for using Belgian brown beer bottles has arrived at morebeer.com. The corks are also proper for the green bottles. Later this month they will be getting in the appropriate metal hooded wire wraps and brown bottles. They already have the Ferrari floor corker. Here's the link for the corks:


03/01/06 04:56 PM  
Re: Belgian Bottle Corks are here!!
Here's the link for 100 corks:


03/01/06 05:00 PM  
Re: Belgian Bottle Corks are here!!
and if you have a ton of beer to bottle, here's 1000


Sean Paxton
03/01/06 05:57 PM  
Re: Belgian Bottle Corks are here!!
Thanks Cisco for the info. Really appreciate the help with research!

Happy Corking!


03/02/06 08:45 AM  
Re: Belgian Bottle Corks are here!!
That just looks like a regular cork. Would not the application of a cage suggest the mushroom shaped type?
03/02/06 10:36 AM  
Re: Belgian Bottle Corks are here!!

It is not just a regular wine cork. The dimensions are different, especially the diameter (1") which is larger than a wine cork but smaller than a champagne cork. I was working with morebeer folks for a couple months putting this all together and I have personally tested these corks (before they were offered for sale)and they are an exact duplicate of the corks used by Belgian breweries (and even the few breweries bottling in Belgian brown bottles here in the states).

There are no mushroom shaped corks, they are all straight sided when created. The mushroom shape happens long after the metal hooded wire cage is applied. It takes shape as the cabonation level in the bottle reaches the proper 3 atmospheres of pressure. Trust me, it works and I have lots of bottles with mushroomed corks to prove it.

03/02/06 11:21 AM  
Re: Belgian Bottle Corks are here!!
Wow, I have never heard that, never even imagine it! I'm amazed - not that I don't believe you and need proof but would you like to send up a couple photos of your work here? I try to embrace the more esoertic side of homebrew topics with this board, this definately counts. In the same way we did a focus on liquid candi sugar I'd be delighted to spread the word on this new cork thing.

It mushrooms later - whoa!

03/02/06 12:02 PM  
Re: Belgian Bottle Corks are here!!
The initial part of the mushrooming process begins when you use a cork that has the proper diameter for the bottle. The Belgian brown beer bottles are 18.5mm and the cork should be 7mm wider for a total diameter of 26mm which is one inch. When the cork is inserted to a one inch depth there will be 6/8" to 7/8" of cork above the lip of the bottle. This is the proper height to attach the metal hooded wire wrap. It also allows the one inch diameter exposed cork to swell back to almost normal size giving a tapered appearance. The wire wrap holds it in place and over several months of proper conditioning the internal pressure building up in the bottle starts pushing the cork up tighter into the metal hooded wire wrap giving the cork more of a mushroom appearance.

How would I post a picture to the forum?

Also when and where we be able to buy the liquid candi sugar?

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