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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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03/20/06 12:31 AM  
New cooker
Anyone have any experience with this model of burner?

Looking to get yet another burner and would like any and all feedback abut this model.


03/20/06 01:29 PM  
Re: New cooker
Looks cool... I have been thinking about getting one of the Banjo-type burners to put on my stand to test it out. I like that it distributes the flame the way it does.

It shows a 17 inch cooking surface so does that mean that a converted keg would fit on it???


Eric K
03/20/06 03:09 PM  
Re: New cooker
Hey Nate,

This is a Hurricane Low Pressure (LP) burner, rated at 60K, NOT 210K as listed on the bayou website. You can buy the burners for $32 each on the Northern Brewer website


I replaced all my high pressure burners with these and I love-em. No jet blasting noise, extremly adjustable and very fuel efficient. These burners provide more than enough heating power for a keg system. The 10 inch diamer on these burners greatly increases the heating surface area. I use one burner on my 30 gal hot liquor tank, one on my 55 gal mashtun, and two burners on my 55 gal boil kettle. It takes about an hour an a half to get 30 gallons of water from 45F to 180F, with the flame on medium. Boiling temps are reached very rapidly once the water is above 150F. (note: my home elevation is 5,500 feet, so your boiling times may actually be higher). Your primary limiting factor will be the propane tank size. Use at least a 10 gal propane tank for EACH burner. Also, insulating your kettle and blocking the sides of the burner stand with steel sheeting or cement blocks (like a chimney) will decrease heating times.

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