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Dave I
03/20/06 07:28 PM  
Brian & Dark Candi Syrup
I saw your candi syrup swap and know the results are still pending on the Dubbels you and the others brewed. Few questions if you (or anybody else in the know) have a chance.

1) How does the dark candi syrup you imported compare to Special B?

2) When (if ever) do you expect for the dark candi syrup to be available domestically and for what cost? I'm interested in trying it, as I'm sure are others.

3) If/when you have the imported candi syrup available, how can you be contacted?


Dark Candi
03/20/06 09:18 PM  
Re: Brian & Dark Candi Syrup

Yes, you are right, it is taking awhile.

I have received another shipment of 55 gal. drums today and with all that is involved....well you get the picture.

Please order from:



16 oz. bottles are $8.95

The syrup is being added to the website at this moment and I am told that if the site does not update tonight, you can call the 1-800 number and place your order.

Our packaging and distribution is just starting to get moving and so more homebrew shops will be contacted in the coming weeks.

I will have an informational website up soon(I hope) and I will list all homebrew shops where syrup is being sold.

Free syrup will be sent to anyone with a homebrew shop referal. Just have the shop owner send me an e-mail, or call.

Any homebrew shops that I have not already contacted, can contact me for a sample.

As to the special b, I only used the special B before I started with the syrup. So, I think someone from the swap may have better advice.

I can always be reached at




Thank you for your interest and please keep in touch with comments from your experience with the syrup.

I am so busy with importing and distribution, all I want to do is brew.

Dave I
03/20/06 11:33 PM  
Re: Brian & Dark Candi Syrup: Amounts
Any thoughts on how much should go into 5 gallons of a Rochefort 10 clone? 500 ml, or should I use more?


Sean Paxton
03/22/06 11:48 AM  
Re: Brian & Dark Candi Syrup
Hi Dave,

I have used the Dark Candi Syrup in two brews. The first brew was a Westy 8 Dubbel clone and I used a cup, not enough.

My second batch I did a Rochefort 10 clone and used 1#, a tad over a cup. This was a good amount to use. The color of the Rochefort 10, has that black (some SRM do to color of grains) with a dark red hue around the edges.

The flavor of the syrup is also that missing ingredient. I still would use some sugar (take your pick on style) to add some other complexities.

Happy Brewing,


Dave I
03/22/06 02:10 PM  
Re: Brian & Dark Candi Syrup
O.k., so if I'm doing the Herman H. Rochefort clone, bumping it up to a Rochefort 10, should I just replace the Special B with the dark candi syrup, or use both? My gut instinct is to drop the Special B and save it for an Imperial Stout for some reason, and I believe that would be what the Rochefort monks actually do, but don't want to be hasty.

Also thinking about Jaggery for the sugar to add to the Rochefort 10, but Turbinado might be easier to get where I'm at.


03/22/06 11:46 PM  
Re: Brian & Dark Candi Syrup
I have a Quad in secondary right now and used the syrup and some Special B. I was nervous about dropping a character malt in place of the syrup in case the syrup didnt add the flavor i was looking for. I used both. The initial gravity samples are supurb. For me, id hesitate in dropping the Special B in your case. Also, the color from the syrup wont make up for the missing link. If anything, back of the B a tad, but leave some in there......
Dave I
03/25/06 02:57 PM  
Re: Brian & Dark Candi Syrup
Any ideas on the shelf life of the candi syrup in an unopened bottle? I'd like to buy enough to get the Morebeer free-shipping offer, but don't want to have it go bad (if such a thing is even possible).


Dark Candi
03/25/06 07:56 PM  
Re: Brian & Dark Candi Syrup
The syrup is said to have an indefinite shelf-life,

however I am told that 12 months is ideal, and after that, depending on storage conditions, color may shift slightly and taste may shift slightly.

I was also told that in tests, the color and taste shifts were minor.

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