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03/22/06 08:32 PM  
Drunkeness... the mother of invention
I never plan to tinker with too much funny stuff when I break out the Turkey Fryer, but 6 hours of drinkin 10% plus homebrew by the pool generally leads to creativity.

As I previously posted I usually am pleased with the results.

This particular batch however has actually generated a rather large collection of sycophants competing for the few remaining bottles of a now 10 month old batch and offering various compensations for a reprise.

I enjoyed it as much as any other but am somewhat perplexed by the following.

I made a basic triple, 16lbs GPils/16 lbs Bpils (what I had) 2 lbs Cara-pils, 3 lbs wheat, 3 lbs clear candy. 3oz Hallertau, 4 oz saaz.

Infusion mash @ 154. Sparge @ 166.

Boil 90 Min. Hall early, Split the Saaz late.

Finished boil with 12 gals @ 1.093 og.

Pitched WL550 (What I had)

Typical hangover-eve activity for me the last couple spring/summers.

Got drunk again 10 days later and decided to rack it to the secondary. In went 2 oz Cascade.

A week later she was 1.014 & quiet, Alas, I was again fighting the occasional random synaps which accompanies inebriation. Had an overwhelming hop level to my taste. What to do? After a couple more HB the solution was clear.

Had two fresh pineapples leftover from a dinner party on thier last legs. Into the Jack Lalane (juiceman) they went.

Priming elixer.

(I actually used about a quart) It was perfectly primed.

I popped the first one after 6 weeks.

This beer was an instant favorite of virtually everyone who got a taste. There was initially a pleasant pineapple lead-in which gave way to more traditional malt richness. There was good balance. Not overly hoppy as I had expected.

By December the Pineapple had passed from the flavor profile but the aroma remains.

It is a great beer in my estimation, however the passion with which my freinds pursue it perplexes me as There are others I enjoy more.

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