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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Author Replies
Sean Paxton
03/23/06 04:27 PM  
What fills your carboys?
Curious what everyone has brewing and fermenting currently? What ideas are filling your storage containers?

Currently Iím brewing:

Westmalle Clone: 1.088

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA: 1.200

Westvleteren 8: 1.063

Rochefort 10: 1.106

Scotch Base: 1.058

Favorite Trippel: 1.082

Going Bock, Maibock: 1.072

Centential IPA: 1.065

The Blonde Blues: 1.074

Berliner Weiss: 1.024

BCPA - Belgian Congo: 1.056



Eric K
03/23/06 05:04 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
I have some empty fermentation vessels right now, but this is what's going on (all 10 gallon batches):

Unmalted Farmhouse Ale: ~1.058

Bier De Noel: 1.082

British Bitter: ~1.050

Charred Oak IPA: ~1.065

ESB: ~1.054

On Tap:

Abbey Ale (7%)

Roggenbier (5.5%)

Pineapple Wheat (8%)

Munich Dunkel Lager (6%)

Imperial Red IPA (6.5%)

Oatmeal Stout (6%)

Russian Imperial Stout (8%)

Conditioning in kegs....way to many to mention!


03/23/06 05:41 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Ah, this make me feel not so bad.

Flanders Sour Brown

Cranberry Saison

Butternut Squash Saison

Czech Pils

Rauch bier

Cranberry Mead

Pyment (Reisling)

03/23/06 06:18 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Flanders Sour Brown

Spiced Strong Golden


Belgian Amber

English Bitter



03/23/06 10:12 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
All 10 gal batches:


Barley Wine 1.105

Samichlaus clone 1.145 (5 gals)

Pilsner Urquell clone 1.055

Dopplebock 1.089 (5gals of this will be Eisbocked)

Westvleteren 12 clone 1.078

Malt liquor 1.070 (why not)

In fermenters:

Pale Blond ale fermented with Brett and Lacto 1.057

Date beer 1.058 (made from date syrup)

03/23/06 11:05 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
I'm lagging a bit...

Rye Saison 1.057

St. Chuck's Porter 1.051

Biere de Mars 1.064

IIPA 1.077

03/24/06 05:36 AM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
A siphon
03/24/06 12:22 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?

3 gal Lambic

5 gal Lambic

5 gal Lambic

5 gal Lambic

3 gal Flemish Red

On Tap:

Columbus Pale

Amarillo Pale

Pineapple Wheat

SPF8 clone

Saison w/Brett

Flemish Red


Erik can you email me info about you Pineapple Wheat? wezil - at - yahoo.com


Al B
03/24/06 01:39 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Flemish Red

Flemish Cherry Red (Alexander R-Bach)

Oud Bruin

Biere de Mars 1.064

Cascade Barleywine

Dortmunder/Kellerbier (lagering)

03/24/06 01:48 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
5 gal Peche

5 gal Lemon Lambic

10gal Flemish Red

10gal Saison

10gal IPA

10gal Biere d'Noel

5 gal Biere Blanche

5 gal Tripel

On tap:


Am. pale ale

03/24/06 02:10 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Hey Al,

What's your Alex R recipe look like? I've been looking into doing one of those up here in the near future.



Al B
03/24/06 02:47 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
N8 -

check the Alexander thread (I added some stuff there)

Basically its in separate components intended for blending later on.......I have some "sour cherry wine" for the Alexanderization. I also have some brett. separatly in a carboy - too paranoid to add it in with the main sour brews.

I'll update this weekend -

Al B Brewin'

03/24/06 03:27 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Ah, cool. thanks Al.

Intersting process. I'd love to hear how it comes out.

So you think that seperating out the Sacch. from the Roselare packet will provide a better attenuation, or not wanting to get the barn party going until a later stage?

03/24/06 05:57 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
After seeing what everyone has going, I really need to step up my brewing...


Quad - 1.110

On Tap:


Russian (American) Imperial Stout

Robust Porter

Imperial IPA (3 dry hops)

03/24/06 09:33 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?

Brit IPA

Amer IPA

Sticke Alt


Dubbel #4

Chocolate Mead

Baltic Porter

Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter

Big N Stoooopid Impy Stout


Leipzeiger Gose

Dubble #6 (bourbon barrel blackened raison)



Dubbel #1

Dubbel #2

Dubbel #3

Dubble #5 (3 gal)

Leipzieger Gose


Brett Brux Brown

Multiple 1/2 gal and 1 gal jugs of experiments involving brett/lambic bugs/bourbon barrel beers...

03/25/06 07:11 AM  
Man, we should be a support group!!!
In carboys:

A classic American pils

A traditional pils

Berliner Wiesse


another "Ambient Ale"

an experimental cassis

In carboys within 2 weeks:


a tequila barrel Baltic porter

On tap:

Flanders red with cherry juice

Black Saison

"Ambient Ale" gueuze

a woody, cherryish barley wine

a chocolately "raison d' entre-like" barley wine





God knows what else.

Eric K
03/25/06 12:08 PM  
Re: Yikes, I thought I brewed a lot!
Ok, Here's what I have lagering in kegs:

60 minute American Wheat (OG=1.054)

Centennial IPA (1.081)

Honey-Rye-Red IPA (1.066)

Czech Pils (1.066) 5 gal

Two-stage Belgian Strong (1.120)

Dubbel Candy (1.080) 5 gal

Dubbel Syrup (1.074) 5 gal

Flavor-Aroma APA (1.060)

Noble APA (1.061)

Weizenbock (1.080) 5 gal

Roggenbier (1.058)

Zen (1.062) unmalted wheat, German Weizen X Belgian Wit

Belgian Cherry Wheat (1.074)

The next question is: What's on your brewing calendar?

Summer beers:

Bier De Mars

Apple Wheat

Pear Wheat

03/25/06 04:20 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
I'm a lightweight with a small brewing closet:


Golden Honey Ale (1.042)

Double (1.066)

Spiced Triple (1.080)

Westmalle Tripel clone (1.082)

Single/simple Ale (1.049)

St. Emillion-style red wine (72%merlot, 28%cab franc)

Spring/Summer plans:

Sour cherry wit

Apricot Ale



Strawberry blond

blueberry or blackberry mead


Something that addresses my ignorance-based fear of Brett.

Speaking of which, given that Brett is a sworn enemy of wine makers, and I'm also a wine maker, does anyone have any observations on to what extent Brett or the other popular brewing bugs work thier way into the ambient environment? If I use Brett in my beer, is it going to eventually find its way into my wine if I ferment them in more or less the same space?

03/25/06 06:58 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Ah Chouff!

Roche 10 bottled and aging, aging.....

Delirium Tremens II cold conditioning

Saison de' Fleischman in primary(using recultured dupont saison yeast)

up next: Oktoberfest

Al B
03/27/06 08:54 AM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
wow. lets start drinkin'.....

N8 - I separated the Saccharomyces out from the Roeselare blend mostly because the first batch I ever did with that blend turned into a lambic (which is ok, but not what I was looking for with a flemish red). Too unpredictable those Bretts. - at least for me. I'm separating the barn party in a carboy all its own and then see what happens.

Al B
03/27/06 09:09 AM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Mallace -

does anyone have any observations on to what extent Brett or the other popular brewing bugs work thier way into the ambient environment? - frementing in the same area should be fine as long as your air locks are clean. One gadget I like to use is a small torch (like the ones used for creme brulee) and flame the opening of a carboy (when I open for tasting, for example).

03/27/06 11:12 AM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Al, you mean besides me?!?

BTW, the thing on top of the second "ambient ale" that looked like a thin carpet has pretty much disappeared.

Al B
03/27/06 12:04 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
well... yeah, I suppose if you accidentally INOCULATE your basement with a swimming pool of Brett, one might have some issues with cross contamination..........

Things on my schedule as well:

Old Suffolk Old Ale

Flemish red, part 2

Black Saison (still workin' on the spice additions)

Triple Bock

Hemp nut Dubbel

Lambic for Faro

Wit - maybe with pear (man, you guys are givin' me some ideas)

"BTW, the thing on top of the second "ambient ale" that looked like a thin carpet has pretty much disappeared."

- sounds like a Chiller Theater........

03/27/06 12:32 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
<<- sounds like a Chiller Theater........>>

Could have been worse. Instead of the bio-carpet dissolving I could have lifted the cover to see a craggly hand pretruding through!! Waaaaa!!!

Eric K
03/27/06 01:11 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?

Did you use raisons in your wheatwine (i.e., the traditional recipe)or is your brew more of a high alcohol version of an American wheat? Care to share the recipe?

Sean Paxton
03/27/06 06:48 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?

We should open a brewery with all these beers! What a line up.

03/27/06 07:48 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?

I didn't use raisons; it was more like an American barleywine formulation with a lot of wheat.

21# wheat

5# mild ale malt

2# 2 row

2# aromatic

2# Thai palm sugar

.5 oz. Warrior hops (15.6% aa) @ 60/25/20/15/10/5 minutes, then 1 oz. @ shutdown. 63.3 ibus.

US56 dry yeast. OG 1.122, FG 1.039

Mashed @ 150 degrees for about 4 hours, and boild some 5.5 hrs to render down to 7 gallons.

It stalled @ 1.044 for awhile - added a couple of packets of Nottingham, then one of champagne a month later, then pitched it onto a yeast cake of 1028 London ale yeast after another 4 months, then onto a yeast cake of Cal. ale yeast.

I don't think it's going any further...it's a bit too sweet, and the combination of wheat & high alcohol tastes odd to me (not bad, just different). Hopefully aging will improve it (brewed in July last year).

Sean Paxton
03/28/06 12:24 AM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Hey Chet,

Very interesting recipe! I like it. Qestion for you: Did you use rice hulls? And what was your grist ratio?

An idea, brew up a Berliner Weisse and blend? Or add a lambic blend? Think of the wheat like fruit, and the sour could blanace out the sweet? Or use the white labs high gravity yeast (25%) or Eau de Vie (21-25%). Make a 1000 ml starter and use some yeast nutrients and/or servomyces.

I did see a recipe in Zymurgy for a wheat wine. Could add some amylase enzyme powder, might do more than clairify the beer and help the yeast...



Eric K
03/28/06 02:16 PM  
Re: WheatWine
Whew, That's a potent wheatwine recipe Chet!

I've done a few wheatwine recipes in the past and my favorite composition includes an all DWC (DeWolf-Cosyns: Dinglemans) base malts and Wyeast Wit yeast (3944). I think the grain percentage was 55% Pilsner, 40% wheat, 2.5% flaked oats, and 2.5% flaked wheat. Single infusion mash at 152F. My starting gravity was between 1.080 and 1.090.

I've used American malts and other yeast types but the end flavor was way off. The above recipe gave a really nice creamy, slightly spicy flavor. I would stongly avoid WLP099 high gravity yeast because of it's overwelming "hot alcohol" byproducts. Also, Wyeast's Eau de Vie does not provide the desired flavor...kind of bland, nothing special.

03/28/06 03:43 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
I used Breiss wheat in mine, Eric - when you say the end flavor was way off, that may be what I'm getting.

Due to the various subsequent pitchings of yeast, I'd say the alpha amalayse may be the next thing to try (per Sean's suggestion)- hopefully it won't go too far & create rocket fuel. I could pitch some brett...

Perhaps my mash tun (60 qt. ice cube) had some hot spots, resulting in a higher level of unfermentables.

Sean, I didn't use rice hulls...no probs w/the batch sparging. Grist to water was about 1 to 1 (iirc - it was pretty thick...) I did use servo in the boil...

Eric K
03/28/06 06:07 PM  
Re: Base malts

Breiss is my least desirable base grain to use. Gambrinus (Canada) or Great Western (US) are far better in terms of flavor and extraction. If I had a choice I would only use DWC or Castle malts for my Belgian brews, and Thomas Faucet and Sons (or other floor malted grain) for my English brews. I've never tried Golden Promise (Scotland). Great Western is fine for American Ales, especially American Wheat, Malt liquor, and APA's. This latter malt is very highly modified and adds a nice grainy flavor. You could get away with a 20-30 min sacc. rest and be fine.

Oh, I forgot the hop bill for the wheatwine. I wanted to really showcase the malt/yeast flavor, so I shot for a low IBU of 12-18. Any noble aroma hop will do.

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