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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Sean Paxton
03/28/06 09:11 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
I have to agree with you Erik!

Breiss is not my favorite grain; not very happy with the results Iíve had. But give me Castle any day! I've had a lot of great success with this grain company. Dingermanís is my fall back grain if Castle is unavailable.

I just used Rahr malt out of Canada. Nice stuff, for any American style brews. They also make a white wheat and red wheat.

Chet, thanks for the clarification. That is a thick mash. In Zymurgy (V28:#6), they had a recipe recently for an oat wine, that was all oats with some amylase enzyme added. They used 24# of oat malt and 4 tsp of amylase. Pretty interesting ideaÖ

I would still suggest the high alcohol yeast. I used the white lab high gravity in my Dogfish Head 120 Min IPA clone and it came out great. The residual sweetness masks the burn of any alcohol: considering the OG of 1.200 and it now rests at 1.052 or 19.8% ABV. But the hops are in your face and bring an apricot aroma (Simcoe/Amarillo/Warrior blend).



Erik H
03/29/06 12:15 AM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
OK, this is an intimidating crowd, but here's my contribution . . .

In carboys now:

N8's "Ahh Chouffe" recipe with jaggery, overshot and gone dark, OG 1.087

DFH 60 clone modified: WLP023, 1/4 lb. Panela, Amarillo/Columbus/Centennial/Simcoe

In bottles:

'Boot to the Head' - DFH 60 clone attempt, Wyeast 1272, Amarillo/Columbus/Warrior, OG 1.059 / FG 1.007

'Scabaskiblio' - Ginger/Lemongrass sparkling, umm . . Brago-metheglin? O.G 1.082 / FG 0.996

'Neuf' - Saison Dupont clone attempt, pretty sour with WLP565, Fantome bottle culture, mellowing with some cold conditioning, OG 1.054 / FG 1.009

That's it! I like to name and label my batches - if you're interested, you can see some recent labels at:


03/29/06 12:42 AM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Nice labels Erik. What kind of programs or what ever do you use. I would like to make some labels for a few select brews, but don't know where to start with that kind of thing.

Nice looking line up of beers, as well. Sounds like the Ahh Choof might be more of a McChouffe style.

03/29/06 11:49 AM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Thanks, N8 - I enjoy making them. Usually I use Photoshop b/c that's what's most convenient for me, but sometimes also Quark Express. Occasionally I import text or graphics from other software like MS Word or Adobe Illustrator - whatever seems to work.

Nowadays, a quite credible label can be made in MS Word by importing images and playing around with fonts, etc. You don't have to get too crazy to generate something decent.

And, umm . . . I had some significant kettle scorching on the Chouffe clone, so it might have become more of a 'Singed Midget' or something. . .

03/29/06 01:25 PM  
Re: What fills your carboys?
Singed Midget. That's great!

Thanks for the label info. I really need to try to do some of those.

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