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Dave I
03/27/06 01:47 PM  
Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
In reading the intended flavors of Ommegang's Three Philosophers in BLAM by one of the brewers (in very flowery, poetic language nonetheless) they mentioned wanting hints of apricot/peach undertones. They didn't get it and, for some reason, went with a cherry Kriek instead of a Peach or Apricot Kriek (or something). However, a light peach note buried in the background might be nice.

Being a bit of a peach loving nut, but not really wanting to do a Trappist fruit beer (at this point at least), are there any Belgian ingredients or yeasts that would achieve a light peach or apricot note to the background? I'm thinking in a Dubbel or Belgian Strong Dark, but if it is a flavor that occurs in other styles feel free to let me know. Would putting a couple of drops of peach or apricot extract into a glass of homebrew would give me the same effect on a single serving basis?

I believe Ommegang is basing their Three Philosophers Quadrupel on Westmalle 12, yet their recipe looks very similar to the Herman Rochefort clone if memory serves me right. Not sure if that's the difference or not, or if brewing procedure/temperature has anything to do with it.


Eric K
03/27/06 03:06 PM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
I've found that WLP380 (Hefeweizen IV Ale)will produce a slight apricot flavor and a definite apricot aroma. It's not a Belgian strain, but it worth a try.

Eric K
03/27/06 03:09 PM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Oops! I ment WLP320 not 380.
03/27/06 04:58 PM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
<<I believe Ommegang is basing their Three Philosophers Quadrupel on Westmalle 12,>>

I'm sure you must have meant Westvleteren 12 (if there is such thing as Westmalle 12 its news to me but who knows?), I'm wondering where you heard that? Personally I think a cherry character can work nicely in a beer like that, but though I can easily rave about the works of Ommegang I have to say I never understood the decision to add Lindemans kreik.

On to peach...I apologize as I know this is not really helpful. Still... I have a beer I'll be tapping at a party next month I call "ambient ale". I call it that cause its the first beer I ever made that was done with no pitching, 100% ambient fermentation practices were used. Of all the flavors I get out of it, I think peach might be the most dominent. Personally I love a peach/apricot character in something loosly gueuze-like.

Dave I
03/27/06 06:14 PM  
I'm an Idiot
Yes, I meant Westvleteren 12. My mind is a little scrambled by a project I'm doing for Grad. school Redesigning a school library floorplan to scale.

Back to beer . . . I like the Three Philosopher's, but it struck me as weird to add the kriek too, at least that particular flavor. I just compared the recipe parameters in Brew Like a Monk to the Rochefort 8 clone on Herman's Bier Page and they were remarkably similar. That and they mention going for complexities similar to Rochefort and Westvleteren being the basis for adding the Lindemans. Maybe I'm assuming too much, but I didn't taste any peach notes when I had a Rochefort 8 (note: I've had it once), but the Westvleteren recipe seems more likely to have peach/apricot notes.

That was why I was guessing they were basing their recipe on Westvleteren (well, that and their yeast choice). Maybe they thought a Rochefort-recipe with Westmalle yeast would give them the best of both worlds.

But I could be totally wrong.


04/01/06 11:36 PM  
Golden Nake Oats
For an incredibly off the wall suggestion, try simpson's golden naked oats. I've used them 3 times and they lend a great peachy apricot note that have gone well with glaciers in a bitter and amarillos in a stronger dark pale ale I made. I think 5-7.5% in something big dark and belgian would be very good.



04/02/06 01:30 AM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Interesting suggestion Kevin. I've used Golden naked Oats several times in Impy stouts, porters, doub;e IPAs, barley wines. I've thought about using them in a saison for the fruity smoothness they give off. Haven't done that yet, but good call.

BTW, they make a great brew session morning breakfast. Simmer them up with a bit of water. Add a touch of milk and honey. Yumm! :)

Ryan Aartuso
04/02/06 03:16 AM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Brettanomyces Anomalus. I always get pineapple/apricot/peach from it.
04/03/06 08:39 AM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Passing through VA this weekend I picked up a couple small bottles of a locally produced peach syrup. The ingredients are: water, sugar then peach juice from concentrate. Couple other things, but that puts the peach up there on the ingredient list. I'm thinking of making a saison some time and priming it with this stuff.
Dave I
04/03/06 07:43 PM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
O.k., how about this then for a recipe . . .

Pilsener 13.00 lbs. 65.4%

Flaked Corn .56 lbs. 2.9%

Simpson Golden Naked Oats 1.50 lbs. 7.5%

CaraMunich 40 1.65 lbs. 8.3%

Candy Syrup 2 lbs. & Sugar .5 lbs. 12.6%

Carafa Special or Roasted Barley .11 lbs. 0.6%

Special B 0.55 lbs. 2.8%

Hallertau & Styrian Goldings Hops and Coriander, and Wy1762 yeast.

OG: 1.103

Basically, it's the Herman Bierpage Rochefort 8 recipe bumped up to Rochefort 10 proportions, replacing the candi rocks with the Candi Syrup & 1/2 lb. of table sugar, and replacing 1.5 lbs. of the Pilsener with Simpsons Golden Naked Oats. Unless there is some reason not to throw in the Simpsons, I think that is what I'm going to brew as soon as I get a break from grad school.

Feel free to offer suggestions/thoughts.


Eric K
04/03/06 08:42 PM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Looks good Dave, but I think the light apricot flavor your going for (I assume from prior posts) will be overshadowed by the Crystal grains, syrup, and high OG. A low OG wheat may be a better bet to show-off the Apricot notes.

Just a thought.

04/04/06 09:21 AM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Excellent observation Eric, I think you are right.
04/08/06 05:56 PM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
You might also try using some flavor/late addition Amarillo hops and/or dryhopping with them.
05/12/06 08:55 AM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Palisades hop variety throws off apricot to me. Try a flavor addition?
05/12/06 11:17 AM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Where would you get those? I just checked out the hop resources I know of, even HopUnion doesn't mention that one.
05/27/06 11:20 AM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
Dave, this may be of interest. In the "Enchanted Brewing Challenge", the competition Stan Hieronymus was involved with, BOS was a beer called "Fievre D' abricot". I know nothing whatsoever about this one, but by its name (swapping the "p" for a "b") I have to wonder if it is an abbey beer with apricot?
Dave I
05/27/06 12:00 PM  
Re: Peach, Apricot, and Light Fruit Notes
SteveG, thanks! That is definitely a beer of interest! I'm planning on brewing a Delirium Tremens Clone, quickly followed by either the Rochefort 10 clone or a Westvleteren 12 clone, but I have not given up on a peach or apricot flavored Belgian, particularly one that got BOS status. So thanks again!


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