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Dave I
03/31/06 03:11 PM  
Increasing Dubbels to Quadrupels
Is there any tried & true formula for amping up a Dubbel recipe to a Quadrupel?

For instance, do you just make up the gravity difference with

1) Equal amounts (in gravity points) of grain & table sugar,

2) Equal amounts of grain and dark candi syrup,

3) all sugar or syrup,

4) keep all the amounts the same % and just increase the amounts in ProMash to fit the intended OG,

5) Other?

I'm thinking about for both commercial recipes (e.g. Rochefort 8 to 10, Westvleteren 8 to 12, Chimay Red to Blue, etc.) and your own recipes. All thoughts welcome.


Ryan Artuso
04/01/06 10:12 AM  
Re: Increasing Dubbels to Quadrupels
I keep the %'s the same because I brew 2 5 gallon batches at a time. This way I can use the second runnings of my quads to make dubbels.
04/01/06 10:21 PM  
Re: Increasing Dubbels to Quadrupels
In part in depends on the recipe...I believe that you can go up to 20% sugar (dark candi, rock candi, table sugar, whatever...) as several Belgian brews do (BLAM).

Once you kick it up to 20% sugar, then increase the grain bill if you aren't at your target gravity...imo.

04/03/06 01:47 PM  
Re: Increasing Dubbels to Quadrupels
I have heard it said that sugar aside there is one Rochefort recipe, the differces between the 6, 8 and 10 are candi sugar additions. Heard this from more than one person who has been there. Regardless, I don't believe it. I think there is more than a little recipe protection going on in Belguim. I agree with Chet though, IMO 20% is the absolute upper limit. Personally I would not go that high.
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