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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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04/03/06 07:07 AM  
DeKoninck clones
Anyone have a good DeKoninck Clone?

I brewed the following but didn't get on mark.

KonaDupe, DeKoninck like brew

OG=1.051, FG=1.007, IBU=26, SRM=11 (Pale Amber)

7lbs Pilsen Belgian

2lbs Vienna

14oz Caravienne

2oz Special-B

80g Saaz @ 60mins

Yeast was WY1388

Mash at 135deg for 15min, 152deg for 60min.

Boil: Carmelize 1st 2qts to about a pint and added back to boil. Boil for 60mins total adding hops.

Pitched 2qt starter. Started fermentation off at 65degs for 8days. Trans to 2nd, FG=1.007. Trans to keg under CO2 after 30days @ 50degs.


04/20/06 12:59 AM  
Re: DeKoninck clones

Here are four ingredient lists, the first three I found on the net, the last one is the from many months of working with the first three :-) I too have been trying to make a DeKoninck clone for quite some time now. I have brewed some great Belgian beers but none have been that close to DeKoninck

If you would like to swap some of the attempts, email me..


1900 grams pilsner malt

400 carmel malt

125 grams gerstevlokkan

10 grams black malt


The malts are a blend of Vienna and Pilsner types. The hop

accent is Saaz. Shoot from around 25 IBUs. The gravity is

11.8 Plato (1.047). The hops are added three times.

spends seven to eight days in fermentation up to 25c, and has about two weeks cold conditioning."


60/40 blend of pilsner and vienna malts, target gravity 1.048

* 1 - 2 oz chocolate for color, 1/2 lb of Biscuit (optional)

* Saaz or Spalt for hops, three additions to around 30 IBU

* Wyeast 1388 or White Labs 550

* Primary fermentation at 70 F, secondary at 40 F


7.0 lbs. Belgian Pils

3.0 lbs. Vienna

1.0 lbs. Belgian Aromatic

0.50 lbs. Belgian Caramunich

0.20 lbs. Barley Flaked

1 Oz Hallertau 60 min

0.5 Oz saaz 15 min

0.5 Oz Saaz 1 min

04/29/06 12:22 PM  
Re: DeKoninck clones

Thanks... I am going to give it another try since the last batch wasn't up to par.

Any suggestions on yeast pitching rates and fermentation temps?


Mykel Obvious
04/30/06 10:38 AM  
Re: DeKoninck clones
All I could find was in Brew Like a Monk... just the following basic info from De Koninck:

OG 1.048 (12 P)

ABV 5%

Apparent Attenuation: 83%

IBU 24

Malts: Pale, Vienna

Adjuncts: None

Hops: Saaz

Yeast: De Koninck

Primary Fermentation: Pitched at 65 F, rises to 77 F, 4 to 5 days

Secondary Fermentation: 30 F for 2 to 3 weeks

Also Noteworthy: Bottle-conditioned, but no refermentation in the bottle (Does anyone understand that statement??? It's got me a bit confused LOL)

well, that's it... hope it helps a little


05/16/06 09:29 PM  
Re: DeKoninck clones

I have yeast cultured from DeKoninck Amber Ale that I brought back from Antwerp.

Let me know if you would like some:-)


05/17/06 11:24 AM  
Re: DeKoninck clones
Randy... I'm interested in some... email me with the details and we'll work something out... thanks...


05/18/06 12:51 AM  
Re: DeKoninck clones
Well, I don't have your emaily addy. The BBB email list is password protected and I do not have the password.

my email is rs450 at yahoo dot com


Peter Sibley
05/12/07 10:14 PM  
Re: DeKoninck clones
Six-gallon batch:

11# Belgian pilsner

3/4# caramunich 75

1/2# Munich

1 oz. Kent Goldings 60 minutes

0.5 Saaz 40 minutes

0.5 Saaz 15 minutes

White Labs 550 (Belgian ale)

Ross Lunato
05/12/07 11:23 PM  
Re: DeKoninck clones

Jamil's Belgian Pale Ale is a great recipe isn't it?

Peter Sibley
05/13/07 12:57 AM  
Re: DeKoninck clones
Thanks for crediting Mr. Zainasheff. I was remiss for not doing so, and I look forward to his book this fall.
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