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Chris V.
04/12/06 01:46 PM  
Lindermann's Bottles
Hey all, this in my first post here. I was referred by Matt Dinges. The sight looks good. Anyway, here is my question. Recently I was given about two cases of Lindermann's Framboise bottles from a local distributor that used the beer for a tasting. I would like to use these bottles for future Belgian beers that I brew. The problem is that no HBS around the country carry the oversized caps needed for these bottles. So, are any other HBers using these bottles? And if so, what is your process for sealing them once you have filled them up with primed beer?

Thanks alot!

Chris V.

04/12/06 02:00 PM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
HiYa Chris,

Welcome to the BBB.

when I package using the champagne, 750 or smaller botles I use the plastic champagne corks and wrap with the wire cages. They work very well and hold a nice tight seal.

Chris V.
04/12/06 02:33 PM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
Hey Thanks. I will have to try this method.
04/12/06 02:49 PM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
I pound the old-fashioned kinda cork into them. I'm not really crazy about the bottles though, being green. Lately the only thing I have packaged in Lindemans bottles is perry.
04/12/06 10:23 PM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
04/12/06 10:24 PM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
Dang it, second time today I sent in a blank post. Sorry.

The plastic champagne closures are reusable, by the way.

Gene Novark
04/13/06 01:13 AM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
I recently bottled some sparkling mead using some of the Lindeman's bottles (and some other splits and european 750s). What you want is 29mm crowns. You can most definitely get the capping supplies in the U.S. I ordered mine from Annapolis Homebrew, but Northern Brewer seems to have them back in stock now, at


I capped mine using the red baron capper and their 29mm bell, but if I do it again I will get one of the bench cappers, as the 29mm caps and bottles seem to stress the hand capper in ways that it doesn't seem to like....

04/13/06 10:05 AM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
I did the same as Gene. I bought the 29mm bell (a must) and the 29mm caps at Northern Brewer. I also used a the Red Baron and had no issues. Just make sure that you pop the silver plates out (the oned that grab the bottle) and turn them around for the larger bottles.


Chris V.
04/13/06 04:29 PM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
<< I ordered mine from Annapolis Homebrew, but Northern Brewer seems to have them back in stock now>>

Odd, I just called Northern Brewer yesterday and they said that they no longer carry such crown caps. Maybe a miscommunication, but I doubt it because the guy on the other line sounded pretty well knowledged.

04/14/06 05:36 PM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
I got mine quite a while ago so I would not be suprised if thinks had changed.

Bummer if NB stopped carring them they seem pretty difficult to find.


Chris V.
04/19/06 01:44 PM  
Re: Lindermann's Bottles
Brad and to whom this may concern,

Well, I just called NB and gave the gentlemen the product numbers from their website for the 29mm caps and the 29mm bell housing for the red baron capper. NB had both products in stock and I bought a bell and a bag of 100 caps. So, NB is in fact stocking these items.

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