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04/18/06 03:01 PM  
Rather Stunning New Strains
Hello again to all. I just found an internet page (http://www.capancork.com/wyeast_varieties.htm) with descriptions of two new Wyeast strains:

"3725 Biere de Garde Wheat Yeast. Low to moderate ester production with subtle spiciness. Malty and full on the palate with initial sweetness. Finishes dry and slightly tart. This strain ferments well with no sluggishness. Origin: Soy-Ereze, Belgium. Flocculation - low; apparent attenuation 74-79%. (70-95 F, 21-35 C). Styles: Saison, Biere de Garde. Alcohol tolerance: 12% ABV.

3726 Farmhouse Ale. This strain produces complex aromas dominated by an earthy/spicy note. Slightly tart and dry with a dry peppery finish. A perfect strain for Farmhouse ales and Saisons. Origin: Blougies, Belgium. Flocculation - low to medium. Apparent attenuation 76-81%. (70-95 F, 21-35 C). Alcohol tolerance: 12% ABV."

Whether or not the names are appropriate, it seems likely that these are from Fantome (probably just the primary strain--although I seem to recall that not all Fantomes use the same primary strain), and maybe Blaugies, respectively.


04/18/06 03:39 PM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
Wow, I wonder if Dany knows??
04/18/06 03:49 PM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
If it is Fantome it is likely just their S.c. variety. Some of those Fantome have to have either wild Saccharomyces species in them or Brettanomyces, or both in conjunction with a regular workhorse S.c.

I cannot imagine how they get those flavors in there w/out having someone wild in in there.

But now that I think about it this may be the only strain they pitch and then put it in a coolship to inoculate with the wild guys.

Interesting nonetheless, I forsee some experiments in the not so distant future

04/18/06 05:14 PM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
I had a recent experience culturing the Fantome strain out of a bottle, and the resulting brew became strongly lactic. I wouldn't rule out other causes (lag time, etc.) but it seemed like the regular Fantome Saison "twang" multiplied about ten times. More (perhaps too much?) info I posted in the WLP565 thread at:


Can we get Al B or another bug-savvy person on the case to determine the actual critters in these?

04/19/06 12:19 AM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
A good friend and brewing buddy, actually the guy I went to Belgium with, has brewed with both of these new strains. I'll find out from him what he thinks. All he brews are Belgian style beers.

I would volunteer to do a bug count for you, but we just aquired a new company and I'm the "go-to guy" for now. I'll be too busy for awhile until I figure out all these new protocols. Give me a month or two then I'll be back.

04/19/06 09:22 AM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
Maybe what I learned from my Roselare experiement can be useful here. Multiple generations with a blend is a lot different from reusing a single strain. In a blend (that involves bacteria) the components will propogate at different rates. So you could use a blend on one beer with one result, but when you reuse the slurry the results may well change. The Brettanomyces can grow at a misproportional rate to the Saccromyces for example.
04/19/06 09:57 AM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
This is exactly what I have observed.

I made 10 gallons of a Flanders red and saved the slurry. The original yeast for the 10 gal was WY Roselare with the lees of Mestreechs Aijt and Panil added. Then I put the whole slurry into a 5 gal batch of something that cannot be described by any style (one very weird experiment). Long story short is that beer is only 1 mo old and has more acid than my 10gal FRA that is 7mo old, and completely unpalatable. This guy is going to have to age for some time before it can be drank and likely will have to be blended.

Al B
04/19/06 10:19 AM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
So far, I have cultured on malt agar Saccharomyces strain and Lactobacillus species from two bottles of Black Ghost - didn't get any Bretts from those, but as discussed, there's probably a good deal of variation. There's certainly a good deal of Lactobacilli (so repitching the slurry from a bottle in to a starter or wort will get lactic quickly).

I'll be using this for a black saison - Halloween sound good. I have already pitched the Lacto into my bacillus mix kept refridgerated.

Anywho, I reckon I should purchase some more Fantome......

matt dinges
04/21/06 01:40 PM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
Interesting, because according to the Shelton website, Blaughies uses Dupont yeast...and that yeast is supposedly already available from Wyeast...so...???

I'd be interested to hear from anybody who does some split batches with these 2 yeasts...I'll be trying them out in a few months myself(gods willing!)



04/21/06 03:13 PM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
Wow Matt, excellent observation.
04/23/06 12:27 PM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
I recently brewed a Biere de Mars with 3725. It tasted really good upon racking to secondary, with a nice spiciness and low phenolic character in the background. It's lagering now, but should be ready to package soon.

I didn't get it as warm as suggested, so it took a full three weeks to finish as a result, but it still managed to chew from 1.065 down to 1.008.

07/01/07 11:54 AM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
I don't even see these strains listed on the Wyeast site? I know the farmhouse was one of three VSS for may and june but those are now out of stock...is the Biere de Garde a new specialty strain? I don't see anything about it on the website....
07/01/07 03:47 PM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
A year ago, when this thread first came to life, Wyeast had the Blaugies yeast as a regular offering, as well as the Roeselare. They subsequently reduced their regular catalog, and started this whole seasonal VSS thing.

I have had great results culturing the Blaugies yeast from the bottle, though -- have a fermentation going right now using the yeast from a 2-year old saison d'epeautre (And I was surprised it worked, believe me).

07/01/07 07:32 PM  
Re: Rather Stunning New Strains
aaaaaaaah....didn't even notice it was from '06...just saw the thread at the top of the page.....duh.....
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