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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Mykel Obvious
04/20/06 09:06 AM  
My "Run What Ya Brung" Brew
Ok, so I was lookin’ at the few things I have on hand and decided to do a “Run What Ya Brung” brew so I can use up some partial bits of stuff I have… I’m in an experimental phase right now, and this is what I came up with:

Mikey’s Run What Ya Brung Not Quite Belgian Pale Ale


Munton’s Extra Light DME 6lbs.

Candi Rock Sugar (amber) 75L 7oz

Briess Caramel Munich 60L 5oz

Briess Roast Barley 1oz (all I can add and stay in color guidelines)


Hallertau 3.9% AAU .3oz at 60 min

Spaltz 3.5% AAU .3oz at 60 min

WYE Target 11.8% AAU .25oz at 60 min

EKG 5.5% AAU .25oz at 2 min

This gives me the following According to ProMash:

Estimated OG: 1.060 (style max is 1.054 but I tend to come in under cause I’m steeping the grains… prolly about 1.054-1.058 in truth)

Estimated SRM 12.2 (style guide is 8-14)

Estimated IBUs 25.2 (style guide is 20-30)

I’m gonna use WLP011 European Ale (what I have on hand) but run it at room temp (call it 75F air temp) and see what happens… This is not a “Must Hit Style Dead On” brew… just using what is on hand for an interesting experiment in a lower colored beer (I've been in a very brown phase of late... 2 Northern English Brows and 1 Flanders Oud Bruin). Anyway, that’s what I have on hand and it will use up some of the partial bags of hop pellets and a few other things I have laying around…

Whadda ya think?


04/20/06 09:36 AM  
Re: My
I'm kicking around doing something sililar. End of last November I was in Philly and stocked up for my next 7 brews, the last of which hit the yeast cake a week ago Sunday. Along the way I picked up a few odds and ends to suppliment the effort, as a result I have 10ish lbs of Crisp pale malt, some crystal and a few other things left over. Plus now Bryan has a new sugar to play with! So even though I figured I was done with brewing for a few months, before long I predict a mutt beer will be in order!
Mykel Obvious
04/20/06 09:50 AM  
Re: My
Yeah, I want to try the Dark Candi Syrup... it looks like the club I'm in will end up going with 2 cases of it when we order, split between 12 people, as most of us want 5 each LOL... I can't wait to brew with that... so I'm burnin' up my old stuff in anticipation of better brews to come... also, I'm working my way up to all grain... it will prolly take me a few more months to get everything I need, but I'm on my way and can't wait!!!

Oh, and Steve, do you recommend doing an ambient brew in the fall or waiting till the spring... which seems to give you better results (I know it's too late this year, and I SURE don't want salad dressing LOL but when would be the best time of year to try it???)


04/20/06 02:11 PM  
Re: My
Good timing on the ambient question Mike. I just dumped out the last batch. It was great for a while, but last sniff/taste was sherry and vinegar. Conversly, my first go will be pouring this Saturday at my spring beer psycho party. I'm totally delighted with it! The difference is the good one was made in November, the one that was good but spoiled was made in Arpil. My guess is having 8 months to ferment before summer beat having only 2 months. On the dumper I also had it in too big a carboy, too much surface area.
Mykel Obvious
04/21/06 09:29 AM  
Re: My
That's good to know Steve... I'll wait and do one around November myself then... Maybe I'll make it my annual birthday brew... I'm planning on doing an inoculated p-Lambic between now and then, so I'll have something to compare it with, and maybe even blend for effect



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