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Dave I
04/23/06 09:04 PM  
Achel Extra Clone
Achel Extra. Anybody ever make a clone of this one? I believe it would fall under the category of a Quadrupel, but it is quite good. I think I have found my third Belgian to try and brew after I tackle Delirium Tremens and Rochefort 10. Any recipe advice is welcome.


04/29/06 01:25 PM  
Re: Achel Extra Clone
I haven't tried brewing one, but the basic specs for Achel Bruin Extra are on p. 43 of Brew Like A Monk, along with several process-related details on the surrounding pages.
Mykel Obvious
04/29/06 06:13 PM  
Re: Achel Extra Clone
Achel Extra (aka Three Wise Men) is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale... BJCP category 18E http://www.bjcp.org/styles04/Category18.html#style18E

there is also a well thought out Dark Strong Ale recipe on p. 248 of Brew Like a Monk... (and I would recommend Brew Like a Monk, Farmhouse Ales and Wild Brews to anyone interested in brewing Belgian beers)



04/30/06 10:52 AM  
Re: Achel Extra Clone
Brew Like A Monk lists only pilsner and chocolate malt for a grain bill. Achel also uses Belgian Pale malt for this beer. I've seen it in their grain room, and confirmed with the lay brewer, Marc Knopp, that it does indeed go into the Extra. In fact, in late October they changed the recipe a little, increasing both sweetness and mouthfeel slightly. Neither Marc nor Brother Jules (head of brewing operations) would tell us what they did to make it so. We took turns guessing, then Marc said one of us got it right. As the only (home)brewer in our tour group, I like to think it was me. :-D Having brewed with Belgian Pale malt quite a bit, I'm sure they increased the body by increasing the pale malt %. If I were going to try to brew this, I'd try a 55/45 blend of pilsner/pale as a base, then augment with a little dark malt.

BTW, pilsner, pale, and dark roast malt are the only grains you'll find in their grain room. Besides Saaz hops, they also get Styrian Goldings hops. Again, they wouldn't tell us which hops go into which beers. But Styrian IS part of their portfolio. All hops and yeast come from Westmalle just in time to brew.

Op uw gesondheit!


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