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Chris V.
04/27/06 04:57 PM  
Belgian Single Ideas
Hey all,

Second message here. Anyway, I am looking at doing a five gallon batch of low gravity ale (1.036-1.040) with a tube of WLP 510 Bastone. It is a platinum I believe. Anyway, I want to build up a yeast cake for another attempt at a Dubbel in the near future. I would like to make a light bodied and somewhat hoppy beer that is easy to drink and low on alcohol so that I can put back a few pints easily. Any suggestions. Here is a short list of ingredients that I currently have.

Weyermann's Pils

Ding Aromatic

Wheat Malt

Cara Munich 43L

Musseldorfer Vienna

Various specialty grains as well






Anyway, let me know what you think

matt dinges
04/28/06 12:41 AM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas

Isn't it funny that I might be the only one to responde to you?

For those wondering few that might read this, Chris and I share the same town.

I'd go 90% pils 10% aromatic or even less...maybe 5% arom...if you wanted to sneak in some vienna you could, but keep it less than 5% for sure...

OG 1.045-48

mash it low...about the same as the OG...145*F!

You'r hops are a little rough, being mostly native american types...I'd pick either EKG or Columbus and bitter to about 30IBUs, dumping in some slight flavor and aroma hops...dry hopping could be anything, but I'd pick either columbus or Amarillo...or just let it be...



04/28/06 06:59 AM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Hey Chris, ditto on Matts post except I'd loose the Aromatic and toss wheat in its place. Think triple but small. I echo Matt on the hops though, I guess what you'll end up with is an American singel! Great idea to work up a slurry though, hats off. I always preceed any beer that means a lot to me with something low grav to work up the yeast. Steve
Eric K
04/28/06 01:17 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
and now for something completly different....

Chris, you could make a nice light artisianal ale like a Bier d'Mars. I would utilze a more complex grain bill, specifically an increase in the roasted malts to bring out some deeper flavors in a lighter alcohol brew. Something like:

OG Range 1.045 to 1.048

IBU Range 18-25

SRM Range 7-12

Vienna 60%

Pilsner 35%

Aramatic 3%

Caramunich 2%

EKG @ 60min in a 90min boil (2-3 oz)

Amarillo dry hop with 1-2 oz in keg

Long step mash, perhaps:

113F for 20

126 for 20

148 for 60

154 for 20

slowly raise temp to 165, then sparge

or just single rest at 152-154 for 90 min. Higher mash temp will increase fullness/body, something you may want in a low ABV brew. Conversley, you can single infuse for 90min at 145-148 for an extra dry thinner brew.

Have fun, be creative!

Chris V.
04/28/06 06:31 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Thanks guys. I like all of your ideas. I must admit that I am leaning more towards some of Matt's suggestions just because I have drank his beers before and know his brewing styles. I think I will go with 90% Pils, 5% Vienna or Aromatic and 5% Wheat Malt. I like the idea of say a 148F rest for maybe 60 min with a short rest at 155F or so.

Thanks for the ideas Matt, Steve and Eric. I should be brewing this beer the first weekend in May, Matt.

matt dinges
04/29/06 12:48 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Have you considered spiking it with brett?



Mykel Obvious
04/29/06 06:04 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
I'd suggest doing something like Petit Orval (also called Orval Vert)... this is literally a watered down version of Orval with an SG of 1.024 (6 P)... you could split the difference and do a 1.035-40 batch... and as WLP510 IS Orval yeast, this would be perfect...

Orval Style Clone from Brew Like a Monk:

Moravian Pilsner 76%

CaraVienna 13%

Amber Candi Sugar 11%

Perle (7.7% AA) for 80 minutes (28 IBU)

Goldings (4.3% AA) for 15 minutes (4 IBU)

Goldings (4.3% AA) dry hop, 1.6 oz for 5 gallons (the brewer stated he would up the hops to get 35 IBU next time he brews it... and would up the dry hops to 2-2.5 oz)

Mash 154 F (I would suggest mashing lower if you use a highly modified Pils malt)

Boil 90 minutes

Yeast: WLP510, add dregs of 2 bottles of Orval at bottling time (I'd use a mix of Brett cultures myself)

Fermentation: 72 F, 13 days

Secondary: 72 F, 14 days, dry hops added for last week...

For a medium OG version, call it 5 lbs Pils (74%), 1 lb CaraVienna (15%) and .75 lb amber candi sugar (11%)... 5 gallon batch, 75% efficiency gives OG 1.041... and call it ~.75 oz of Perle and .75 oz Goldings for flavor...

anyway, it's a thought...


Chris V.
04/29/06 06:52 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Matt- I will leave the bugs over at Bob Meyer's place. NO bugs at my house. Ha Ha I will say that you have a good idea, but I really don't appreciate the Brett flavor as much as some. Which brings me to....

Mikey- I have only had one bottle of Orval, and I doubt it was handled well in shipping. It was extremely sour and I had a very hard time finishing it. I was not impressed. Sorry, if I offended any monks with that statement. Ha Ha

I do actually have some Mt. Hood hops that I found in my chest freezer. So, I will probally use those hops and go with some of the suggestions from this thread. BTW, keep the suggestions coming!!!!

Mykel Obvious
04/30/06 10:56 AM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
LOL, yeah Chris, if ya get a bad one it can be REAL bad... but when ya get a good one, it's heaven!!!

I'm not as far along as SteveG... Not ready to dose the brew room floor with bugs just yet... but ya never know LOL (it would be cool to have a separate brewery area and pour out a bunch of Brett, Pediococcus, Lactobacillus, bottle dregs etc... then do some full on Wild Fermentations!!!)

You could leave out the Brett/Orval dregs and still make a nice beer with that recipe though... but no Monks, nor mikeys will be offended if ya don't ;-)

And I take it from your reactions you wouldn't want to be in the possible Brett Swap in the future then LOL

When I find time, I'm gonna HAVE to brew an Orval clone just to see how it comes out... I really need to win the lottery so I can just brew when I want...



Chris V.
04/30/06 03:36 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Yes, I'm not a huge sour beer fan. I don't mind a small glass of Lambic or Sour Red once in a while, but I could never drink an entire 750ml by myself.
Chris V.
05/03/06 03:16 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Well guys,

My first Belgian Single is done. I used 94% Weyermann Pils, 4% Caravienne, and 2% Biscuit for the malts. I was shooting for a gravity of 1.042 but got better than usual eff. and ended up with like 1.047. Single infusion at 148F for about an hour, but the mash never got hotter than 160F when I sparged so I imagine that I also got some Alpha conversion in the kettle as well before I turned up the burner. I hopped with all Mt. Hood to 30 IBU. I chilled to 59F and put the fermenter in my chest freezer and pitched a 1.5L starter of WLP 510 onto about 6 gallons of wort.

I will be following the fermentation schedule outlined in Stan's book. So, I will do a couple of days at 60F and then move the bucket out of the chest freezer and let it naturally warm to about 70-75F to finish out. I am hoping for a FG of say 1.004-1.008. Then I am going to bottle in Linderman's bottles that I washed and sanitized very aggressively to get rid of the bugs. Like I said above I am not the biggest Brett fan in the world.

Anyway, thanks for all the help with this beer. Matt Dinges, you should expect a bottle for your tasting in the near future, say about one month or so.

05/06/06 10:06 AM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas

check this site, good info about czech beer and another info for travelers to Czech. Prague pubs, prices, linving in czech etc.

05/08/06 01:21 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
i just made one that came out excellent, maybe not totally to "style", but very tasty and drinkable.

85% Pilsner

10% Wheat Malt

5% Munich

1oz Saaz FWH

1oz Hallertau @ 60

1.5oz Saaz @ 10

1oz Saaz @ 0

1oz Sazz & .5oz Hallertau for dry hopping

OG 1.049

FG 1.008

WL Belgian Blend Yeast

came out nice crisp and slightly hoppy (but well balanced), very pleasent beer!

Chris V.
05/09/06 05:15 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Well, a quick update for anyone who is interested.

Fermentation proceeded for the last six days with a top temp of 72F and a Final Gravity of 1.004-1.006. I don't have a fancy nice finishing hydrometer so I am not sure how accurate my old stand by is for low gravity checks like on this beer. I went ahead and put the fermenter back in my chest freezer at 55F to help floc some yeast before I bottle it this Friday. I will be brewing a Dubbel this Friday to throw on the cake. Sadly, I don't have any of the new candi syrup to try so I will be using a recipe more in line with what Ommegang does and just use regular cane sugar.

Thanks again for all the help

matt dinges
05/09/06 11:10 PM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Sounds pretty good Chris...what happend to the syrup?



Chris V.
05/10/06 07:27 AM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
<<what happend to the syrup?>>

Well Matt to make a long story short my computer caught a bad virus and I am paying a local computer guru to completely clean up my PC and load up some new antivirus software and a firewall. So, the candi syrup will have to wait a few weeks until the next time. I am just little short on cash right now due to the 100-200.00 bill I am expecting for the PC work. But, I am not computer savy so it is better for me to pay the doe, and let a pro deal with the problems than me trying to do it myself on the cheap and screwing it up even more.

matt dinges
05/10/06 08:55 AM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
OK, I'm sure your wife has told you...but you really need to stop downloading the porn! And don't open any attachtments from Bob!



Chris V.
05/10/06 11:45 AM  
Re: Belgian Single Ideas
Yeah, for 150.00 bucks I probally could have bought the entire Jenna Jameson collection and got the Paris Hilton tape thrown in for free. Ha Ha Ha
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