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05/08/06 01:27 PM  
National Homebrew Day
Who all brewed this past Saturday for Homebrew Day? Any good recipes or stories?

I had the pleasure of brewing with Jean Broillet, who is a brewer for Weyerbacher in Easton, PA. He very kindly brought his all-grain setup down to Philadelphia to do a batch of Double IPA with me and a handful of friends, most of whom do not brew. I'm still extract brewing, but after Saturday most of my all-grain fears have been assuaged at least in part, and my wife Kristen rolled her eyes and said, "Go ahead, make a wish list, I'll get it all for your birthday." Heh heh heh...

To the brew itself in a paragraph or so...but while we were brewing we did a tasting of Jean's and my homebrews. Many there were coming off a night, if not a life, of Corona and whatnot, but there was not a single homebrew that did not meet with universal approval (empty glasses all around), so I count the session as a victory for better beer. Jean brought a saison, an oyster stout (with oyster mushrooms), a red ale, and a "doppeldunkel". From my cellar we had a golden honey and mint ale, a triple, a double, and an oatmeal stout. Jean's oyster stout beat the pants off my oatmeal.

Jean also brought down a bottle of the recently released Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA. A very nice brew...orangey and pine resiny on the nose, good sold backbone of malt to balance the hops...9%abv and about 85IBU, if I remember correctly.

We brewed a double IPA:

4 lbs English pale ale malt

8 lbs German pale ale malt (Weyermann)

1 lb 13L crystal malt

60 minute infusion at 150 deg.

When it comes to the hops, this is where we sort of forgot ourselves. Jean had brought a good amount of Phoenix (11%AA), and Braumling Cross (5.5%AA) pellets. We wanted to make hops additions at ten minute intervals through a 60-minute boil, and we weren't really keeping very good track of things (and we wanted all the non-brewers present to do at least something for us, which included adding hops), and, well, by the end of it, we had added about 12 oz of hops. Later calculations showed this to total about 299IBU. Yeah. 299. To answer the questions certainly forthcoming, we weren't thinking. (Technical question...is there a saturation point where wort will simply not absorb any more bittering? If so, does anyone know at what level that would be?)

Thinkin' we're gonna blend this one down some, try to get it into a far more sane range of 125IBUs. We're also planning on putting some apricots (perhaps dried, perhaps not) in the secondary to sweeten it up and reduce perceived bitterness.

Yeast was Wyeast 1272 (American Ale II).

Possible name for this one?: Lupulosis (lupulin+psychosis)

Ryan Artuso
05/08/06 07:11 PM  
Re: National Homebrew Day
Don't worry, the IBU's won't even be half of that. The formulas don't work for high IBUs. There is a saturation point, though I don't recall off hand what it is (120?). It is practically impossible to overhop an IIPA. I use 16ozs of hops in my IIPA. Mine calculates to around 350IBUs and it turns out perfect. You're beer will probably be in the 100IBU range.
05/08/06 08:20 PM  
Re: National Homebrew Day
Glad to hear. I had to put in a conscious effort not to dig into the carboy today just for a little taste. I think the attraction was something like wanting to see a bad car wreck.

One detail I left out above:

OG: 1.068

Ryan A
05/09/06 12:25 AM  
Re: National Homebrew Day
That OG is a little low. I am a little worried now. Give it plenty of time in secondary before dry hopping. Let me know how it turns out.
05/09/06 07:00 AM  
Re: National Homebrew Day
The low OG was one of the reasons we are considering adding fruit to the secondary. When we worked up the grain bill, the plan wasn't for quite so many hops.
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