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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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05/11/06 11:11 AM  
Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
Gents, thanks to you all, I had a real blast last night! I can't believe the variances we encountered in the different ways we used the syrup. I can say I have plenty in the way of ideas on future experiments with the stuff. But really, every beer that syrup touched seemed to become a little piece of Belgium. I've always resisted the notion that a secret ingredient can make the real difference in a beer, but I think in this case it may be true.
05/11/06 12:21 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
A big thanks Brian for making this event happen and to Steve for organizing it! It was a lot of fun and I came away with far more information than I had expected. As you mentioned, I was surprised that while all the beers were similar in composition, there were large differences among them. I am very excited to experiment more with the syrup and think that it is a very capable product. By the way, I did confirm that I had boiled the syrup for 60 minutes for my beer. I think this is one aspect of brewing with this syrup that can really change the flavor profile.
Jim Denier
05/11/06 01:09 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
Any recommendations based on your tastings as to when would be the best time to add the syrup to the boil kettle? Or perhaps at more than one point?


05/11/06 01:22 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
Sorry Jim, no. It was an unusual swap cause there were no "mistakes". Different handling of the syrup resulted in different effects, so the best time to add it and the best grains to balance it with depend entirely on your specific objective.

Dammit I wish I could have saved a transcript. I'll be upgrading the chatroom prior to the Brett e-symposium to fix that.

BTW to my knowledge nobody tried the "more than one point" approach (though everyone only partook in 4 out of 6 beers, maybe one of the two I missed did that). It is a very interesting question.

05/11/06 01:27 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
Yes, another successful swap. Thanks again Brian for supplying the syrups, and Steve for herding all these grasshoppers. Great fun, and educational at the same time.

I'll be trying several new ideas that came from last nights discussions.

05/11/06 03:24 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
Great time - good info, up until my computer kicked me off & wouldn't let me back on till almost everyone had left...

I wasn't eager to go to work this morning, however...

Lot of good beers - thanks for setting it up Steve; and thanks Brian for the syrup!

Sean Paxton
05/11/06 03:31 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
Great swap!

Really enjoyed see and tasting what everyone brewed. To have a common ingredient and see how different each brewerís spin on that ingredient was very interesting and helpful.

To those wondering if they should buy the syrup: the simple answer is yes! The Dark Candi Sugar Syrup has been the missing ingredient in the trappist style beers we want to brew; gives the brew a lovely dark red hue and a authentic Belgium flavor that Iíve missed in my inspired Dubbels. The Dubbel I brewed was the best one Iíve made to date.

Be very interested to hear what others outside the swap make with this product.

Big thanks to Brian for the syrup, Steve for setting it up and to Stan for stopping by. Was a great time and a wonderful tasting. Can we do this every Wednesday night?



05/11/06 03:55 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
I joined this web site too late to get in on the swap but I have brewed twice now adding the syrup during the last 15 minutes of the boil for two clones, a Rochfort 8 and a Westy 8. The Rochfort is cold conditioning right now but tasted very authentic because of the syrup. The Westy 8 is still fermenting.
Eric K
05/11/06 06:20 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
I had a great time last night! You are all very talented homebrewers and it was quite depressing when the tasting chat was all over(picture a tear in my eye). Thank you Brian for the syrup and sugar samples. Thanks Steve for handeling all the logistics, and thank you Stan for joining the chat.

I know I'll be experimenting more with different timed additions and amounts of the syrup. I may even go so far as to put the syrup in the keg for carbonation and flavor. What the hey.

Mmmmm...if I close my eyes for moment I can still smell the roasted figs. sigh.

05/11/06 06:59 PM  
I Want a Summary
Ok guys, enough hinting and teasing. Those of us not able to participate want to know what the results were.

Specifically how does the flavor and aroma change with boil time?

cheers, and I wish I could have looked on during this one (Steve definitely get that archiving function in place)

Rich Link
05/11/06 08:37 PM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
<BTW to my knowledge nobody tried the "more than one point" approach >

Actually, I did. I used 250ml in the last part (10 minutes) of the boil, and put the other 250ml in the secondary. I did this out of concern about the color numbers we were given. Once I saw how light the beer was I added the rest. IMO, the full 500ml was perfect for 5 gallons of Dubbel

I plan to use more of this soon. I will be doing a stron dark, similar to westy 12, Stb ABt, Rochefort, etc. I'll use probably 50% more syrup, and some cane sugar to boost the alcohol. I was told by one of the brewers at St. Bernardus that they get 5-5.5 degrees plato from sugars.

05/14/06 07:41 AM  
Re: Liquid Candy Sugar swap - wow!
I got a chance to try some of the other beers from the swap and would like to give props - Sean's Belgian Congo Pale Ale & 120 Minute IPA clone (I'm curious about the stats on that one); and Tremens(?) Black Pivo RIP - excellent beers as well.


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