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Mykel Obvious
05/15/06 09:46 AM  
Dark Strong Recipes?
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for Dark Strong Ale recipes for use on a friends 10 gallon all grain system... we are gonna try and brew in 2 weeks... I've been digging into Brew Like A Monk and online... we are looking for all the recipes we can find so we can come up with our own version... probably gonna use some of the Dark Candi Syrup in this one too...

all help is greatly appreciated!



05/15/06 10:26 AM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
What a great time to be asking for this! Chet made a dynamite series of "quads" for the syrup swap, got a top shelf one from Tremens (Pat) as well and N8s was also a beer to aspire to. I'd make the syrup idea a definate!
05/15/06 12:06 PM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
Many of us involved in the swap posted our recipes in the "GREAT swap opportunity!" thread.


Go with the syrup!

Mykel Obvious
05/15/06 10:34 PM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
We're working with 1762 Rochefort Wyeast (Abby Ale II) and shooting for a gravity somewhere between 1.080 and 1.100 (ala Rochefort 8 and Rochefort 10) and adding 2 bottles of the Dark Candi Syrup and either 2 lbs of the Moist Candi Sugar I also have, or two pounds of plain white sugar, or maybe a lb of each type... haven't decided on that part yet...

So far I'm looking at grain bill of 57.6% Pilsner, 17% Pale, 6.8% Wheat, 3.4% CaraMunich, 1.7% Special B and the 2 types of sugar (about 13.2% sugar/syrup total)... we may throw in 4 lbs. of Munton's Extra Light DME to get to 1.098 depending on how we feel ( I don't know the size of his Mash Tun, so we MAY be able to do it with grains and skip the DME)... I'm hoping for 1.100 as I'd really like to call this one "Rockford 10" just for Sh!tz-n-Giggles ;-)

Oh, and while reading Brew Like A Monk, I found it interesting that at least 5 of the beers used as examples of the Dark Strong style are WAY dark for the BJCP guidelines max of 20 SRM:

Rochefort 10: 45 SRM

St. Bernardus 12: 43 SRM

Achel Bruin Extra: 30 SRM

Westvleteren 8: 37 SRM

Westvleteren 12: 40 SRM

Anyone have any idea how that may have happened??? I thought these beers are the "prime examples" of Dark Strong Ales??? (and the same holds true with the examples of the Dubbels... colors as much as twice "style max" from the classic beers used to define the style???)

What SRMs did you guys shoot for... the 20 Lovibond max of BJCP... or the actual SRM of the nearest beer/ clone you were working from???



Eric K
05/15/06 11:23 PM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
Great observation on the SRM color differencs between BJCP guidelines and published research! Why the difference? I would say three words: Best available Science. I suspect the BJCP guidelines were crafted by a panel of advanced homebrewers (i.e., David Houseman et al.)who had no access to the data on Belgian brews that we have now. We obviously need to update the statistics set forth a few years ago.
05/16/06 09:50 AM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
Mykel, Eric is right. This would not be the first time I've read BJCP descriptions and reacted with "WTF???"
Jim Denier
05/16/06 10:40 AM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
Amen, Brothers!

I'm forever getting dinged by some narrow-minded BJCP style nazi when I enter my beers in competitions (and I'm a certified judge). And these are Belgian beers, no less! For Belgian beers in particular, it seems ludicrous to try and nail a specific color. That's one thing I learned for certain during my 2-week trip to BE this past winter,... get the brewing basics down, but then proceed to brew as an artist, rather than as a scientist/engineer!

Mykel, coincidentally, I brewed a Rochefort 8 clone this past weekend. Used WY1762 yeast, 2 bottles of the candi syrup, and 1 lb of demerara for a 10.5 gal batch. The OG was 1.082 and the color was 30 SRM.


Mykel Obvious
05/16/06 10:12 PM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
I usually work off the BJCP guidelines to a point, because that's what both of the brew clubs I'm in use when we try/judge each others beers... but when I saw the numbers from Brew Like A Monk were MUCH darker and then noticed just how damn narrow the guidelines are... a 4 SRM spread for Dubbels and 5 for Dark Strongs... are they CRAZY??? Not to mention the lowest SRM rating of the examples I listed is STILL 10 points darker than the max... I'd say we do need more training on the Belgians all around and it is very much time to redefine the style guide with a bit more wiggle room

Personally I could care less... I'm here to make the best beer I can and style guide Nazis be damned... (Did I mention that Randy Mosher is one of my heroes???) BUT, if my brew partner on this one wants to enter it in a competition, I'd like him to be close at least... I'm gonna ask him if he wants to brew to the style guide, or the way they do it in Belgium LOL

Jim, it sounds like you nailed that one down tight!!! Did you use any coriander in that one??? BLAM states they use it in the 10 (I haven't had enough tastes of any of the Rochefort beers to know for sure) but I have no idea how much (or should I say how little) to use... I sure don't want to overpower it any... three things: I've never brewed a Dark Strong, the only Wit I brewed had WAY too much in the spice department and I've never done a 10 gallon batch... so this could be interesting ;-)

Jim, you wouldn't be willing to share your recipe would you??? Or maybe just give a few pointers on doin' a Rochefort clone from your experience???

Thanks again to everyone on here for being so helpful!!! This is by far my favorite homebrew site on the web!!!!



05/16/06 10:36 PM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
Just a thought on the colour thing... I don't have my copy of BLAM in front of me, but are you sure you aren't confusing EBC and SRM?

40SRM is getting into stout territory, whereas 40EBC is close enough to 20SRM, right on the BJCP guidelines.

Mykel Obvious
05/16/06 10:49 PM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
Nope... I'm lookin' at the book right now...


Achel Bruin Extra 30 SRM (59 EBC)

Rochefort 10 45 SRM (90 EBC)

the BJCP guidelines are WAY off from BLAM



Jim Denier
05/16/06 11:10 PM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?

Just look for the "Rochefort 8" heading in p. 3 of this forum; I essentially bootlegged the recipe discussed there w/ minor tweaks. I did add a small amt. of coriander towards the end of boil, as per the recipe.


05/16/06 11:18 PM  
Re: Dark Strong Recipes?
Ah, well never mind then I suppose :)

I guess it's possible it's an editorial mistake. As a metric brewer, I find nearly every Brewers Publications text full of imperial->metric conversion errors. It's probably pretty unlikely though.

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