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Jim Denier
05/15/06 10:24 AM  
VOLCANO- Liquid Candi Sugar?
Hi all.

Over the weekend, I brewed a 10.5 gal batch of a Rochefort 8 clone recipe appearing elsewhere on this forum, and using two 500 ml bottles of the candi syrup, plus a pound of demerara for good measure.

Two observations: (1) Soon after I added the candi syrup and sugar w/ 15 min left in boil, my boil kettle erupted and boiled over...temporary flameout; and (2) Within 6 hrs. of draining wort to fementer (12 gal SS conical) at 69 deg F, the bubbling began, and when I checked the fermenter the next morning, that bad boy was erupting thru the blowoff tube like I've never seen in 13 years of brewing and oozing thru the rubber gasket at the fermenter cover! The temp had moved up to 73 deg F and was/is holding steady. With an OG of 1.082, I'm anxious to see how quick this one ferments out. Did all of you guys that brewed w/ the syrup experience something similar? I used the WY 1762 yeast (2 qt starter), servomyces at end of boil, and 1 min of O2 into fermenter.


05/15/06 10:29 AM  
Re: VOLCANO- Liquid Candi Sugar?
Wow, that's a lot of sugar! I did not get the same results, in fact both my beers took off a bit slower than expected. Different yeast though, I used Ardennes, and only one 500ml bottle.
05/15/06 10:42 AM  
Re: VOLCANO- Liquid Candi Sugar?
At the start, mine had a very active fermentation, but I did not experience any volcano effects in the kettle. I also only used one bottle, but only did a 5 gallon batch.
Al B
05/15/06 10:51 AM  
Re: VOLCANO- Liquid Candi Sugar?
I brewed a dubbel yesterday with the WY Abbey II yeast.

I didn't get a kettle blast, but this morning there was flowing lava on my kitchen floor (overflow of siphon bucket).

I think it was a combination of healthy yeast and alot of fermentables (my fermentation started in 2 hrs, but it was a much smaller batch)

05/15/06 10:52 AM  
Re: VOLCANO- Liquid Candi Sugar?
I've had similar experiences with my 12.2 gallon stainless conical fermenter but now I use Foam Control (item AD290) from morebeer.com and the problem has been solved for over a year now.

My Westy clone last week with two bottles of dark candi sugar took off like a bat out of hell with no signs of trying to escape the fermenter.

Jim Denier
05/15/06 11:07 AM  
Re: VOLCANO- Liquid Candi Sugar?
Thanks for the rapid feedback! while I shed a tear for the potential quart(s) of beer lost down the drain due to this overzealous fementation, I'm thrilled that I should end up with a clean and well attenuated batch! And the temps of 68 rising to 73 are within the prescribed range.
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