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Dave I
05/16/06 10:55 PM  
Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . . .
Hey, quickie here.

1) What yeast blends have you had the best luck with?

2) My specific question . . . Has anybody blended WY3787 (Westmalle Yeast) with WY1762 (Rochefort Yeast)?

Joe F. actually brought the Rochevleteren combo up as a possibility (so it was not my original idea) and it sounds intriguing because it would blend the spiciness of the Westmalle/Westy yeast with the cleaner warmer qualities of the Roche yeast. Not sure if that is how it would pan out, but in theory it is perfect. I would love to hear any results if anybody HAS done this, good OR bad.


Mykel Obvious
05/17/06 12:54 AM  
Re: Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . .
Haven't done it... but now I think I'm gonna HAVE to



05/17/06 07:20 AM  
Re: Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . .
Something you could consider is brewing a double batch, then dividing it; ferment one with 3787, one with 1762. Then blend them to taste.

This would, I imagine, give an at least slightly different profile from fermenting one batch with both yeasts (the same way a field blend of wine will differ from a post-fermentation blend, if you're familiar with that). If you like the blend, figure out what percentages give the best profile, and bottle that. If you find the characteristics of the yeasts compete rather than complement, you can still bottle them separately, and you've a tidy little experiment on yeast character (the results of which you should report back on!)

05/18/06 10:51 AM  
Re: Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . .
Brewing two batches of "Belgian" barleywine with a different yeast for each and then blending them is what St. Arnold Brewing is doing for their Divine Reserve beer this year. I was talking to the Austin rep for them last night about it.


Dave I
05/18/06 05:21 PM  
Re: Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . .
"Something you could consider is brewing a double batch, then dividing it; ferment one with 3787, one with 1762. Then blend them to taste."

I actually might try that. I am (hopefully) brewing a Delirium Tremens clone this weekend or next, but am planning the Rochefort 10 clone for shortly afterwards and might make that a second running beer for a Westmalle or Westvleteren clone (probably a Dubbel or just use more sugar to make it to Quad levels). If/when I do decide to do that, I will definitely blend some and get back with the results.


05/19/06 08:53 AM  
Re: Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . .
I blended 3/4 Dupont strain 1/4 WY1388 and made a saison. the reason for doing so is I wanted the beer to be drinkable in less than a month. Last time I made a saison with Dupont alone it was nasty until it aged for 1.5 months, and I dont have that much time to get it ready for a fishing trip. So I figured adding the 1388 (which is very nuetral) would help out but not mask the wonderful flavors of the Dupont.

Long story short: It worked wonders, I have a saison that is nearly identical to the one made with the Dupont alone, yet took 1/2 the time.

I read somewhere recently that someone was saying that blending yeasts will lead to the yeasts "fighting" each other and by doing so will harm their overall health leading to bad beer. complete BS

Chris V.
05/19/06 10:22 AM  
Re: Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . .
I have never blended yeasts myself. But from what I have read and some web casts I have listened to, Chris White really supports the blending of yeasts. I suppose more support of the last statement would be the fact that White Labs brings out new blends almost evey year. Just my .02 though.
05/19/06 02:48 PM  
Re: Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . .
I've thought about doing what Ubriaco did before. Just curious, Ubriaco, would pitching a 1200 ml starter of the Dupont strain and a 400 ml starter of the 1388 strain basically accomplish what you did?


05/19/06 03:08 PM  
Re: Any Success Blending Yeasts? Specifically . .
Yes, that is in general what I did.

I had the Dupont strain in my air injection reactor, and a culture of 1388 hanging out in my basement. I poured off the spent nutrient of the 1388 and added the slurry to the reactor, and gave the mixture a hit of sugar and nitrogen. I then let that run for 2 days before brewing. The 3/4 1/4 thing was an estimation, but I think that fractionation is pretty close to reality.

Joelle, I think your suggestion would work just fine.

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