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05/23/06 11:49 AM  
Safbrew T-58
Anyone have any experience with the dry T-58 yeast? What kind of flavor profile, flocculation, temp range, etc?

It appears from the Alvinne website that they make extensive use of this yeast.

05/24/06 05:54 AM  
Re: Safbrew T-58
I just got a couple of packets of this to try...so no help at the moment. Anyone else?
05/24/06 12:37 PM  
Re: Safbrew T-58
To be honest I've not heard of this yeast producer. Specific strains aside, can anyone tell me something about them?
Jim Keaveney
05/24/06 12:55 PM  
Re: Safbrew T-58

It is made by Fermentis, the same folks who make US-56, and a bunch of "S" series yeasts for use in ales and lagers. I have used most of them but not the T-58. My reluctance is based on the fact that I think of yeast as so critical to the flavor profile of a Belgian style beer and really don't know enough about this yeast to trust it. But I have heard good things and really should give it a try.

05/24/06 01:38 PM  
Re: Safbrew T-58
What I have heard (though I have no experience) is that T-58 is a Belgian-style strain that tilts more toward the spicy/phenolic side than the fruity/estery side, and is well suited to wits and tripels.

Picobrouwerij Alvinne in Ingelmunster seems to use it for several beers (details at www.alvinne.be), including a blonde and bruin. Perhaps someone has tasted these and can desribe the flavor profile? Also, I think I have seen BBB posts from Glenn Castelein (mentioned on the upper right of the alvinne page), so perhaps someone who knows how to contact him can convince him to post his thoughts on T-58.

05/24/06 07:05 PM  
Re: Safbrew T-58
I haven't used it personally, but several brew buddies swear by it. I've tasted the beers, and they were fine. I don't think they had the character I'm looking for, but a good back up yeast in case problems arise.

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