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05/26/06 04:45 PM  
Candy Syrup figures?
For those who have already used the new candy syrup, any ideas on what SRM and gravity it brings?

I'm working on a few recipes and would like to have some ballpark numbers to plug in.

Thanks in advance,


05/26/06 04:54 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
I measured out the pppg points for the candi syrup. It came to:

(all results are from refractometer and hydrometer readings confirming one another)

Dark Candy Syrup; 1.0313 pppg

Blonde Candy Sugar; 1.038 pppg

Dark Candy Sugar; 1.032 pppg

The SRM as I understand it (for the syrup) is 150.

05/26/06 04:58 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
That's exactly what I needed. Thanks a bunch, N8!
Mykel Obvious
05/26/06 05:41 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
Hey N8,

I'm still kinda new to some of the numbers... is that the same as SG of 1.0313 for one bottle in one gallon of water??? I'd like to plug these in to ProMash so I don't have to diddle too much when I make a recipe... and I'd assume that the sugar numbers are for 1 lb in 1 gallon as well???

Oh, and do we have any info on the SRM of the moist sugars??? (I've got 3 lbs of each waiting till I can find time to brew)



05/26/06 06:25 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
The numbers are Points Per Pound Per Gallon. So one pound of syrup in One gallon will give you 1.0313 points.

These numbers can be plugged into ProMash and used.

I tried to guestimate the SRM on the moist sugars. The blonde sugar was roughly around 6-8 SRM. And the Dark more around 20-30. Again, I'm not very good at figuring out SRM, but that was what I figured them as.

Mykel Obvious
05/27/06 11:28 AM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
Thanks N8, that helps a lot!!! Now, do you know what the empty syrup bottle weighs??? I'm getting 1 lb. 9.4 oz for a full bottle, so I'll call it 1.5 lbs per bottle to get a ballpark figure for SG till I can set the tare on my scale with an empty syrup bottle... does that sound about right to you?



Mykel Obvious
05/30/06 10:26 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
Hey N8,

Some questions have come up about the numbers for the syrup... The bottle says 1.010 per 1/4 cup in one gallon... that would be 1.080 for one bottle in one gallon... that is WAY higher than the 1.047 for a full bottle in one gallon I get when using the pppg of 1.031 and 1.5 lbs for the syrup weight...

Can you help me understand this better so I can explain it to the guys in my brew club??? What did you do to come up with that number???

Thanks for your help,


05/30/06 11:20 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
I don't get the reasoning behind the 1.010 per .25 cup.... thing.

I used the standard Points Per Pound Per Gallon.

One pound of syrup in one gallon. Disolve syrup into solution, take a reading.

Don't know if it helps, but this is what I did. It worked for my calculations for brewing with it.

Mykel Obvious
05/31/06 09:28 AM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
Yeah, 1.010 per 1/4 cup sounds a bit high to me as well...

One quick question... did you add the pound of syrup to a full gallon of water, or did you fill the container to a gallon after you added the syrup? I want to be able to do this kind of test on other things in the future...

Thanks for all your time and patients with these questions!!!



05/31/06 12:54 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
Yea, there's two schools of thought about the gallon, or other liquid measurements, whether it's a full gallon, then add the other things, or add the the syrup then fill with diluent to the gallon mark.

I measured out a gallon of water, then added one pound syrup to the gallon.

As far as which one is most acurate, I think would be dependant on your application. I did it the way that I did, because how many of us actually weigh out our ingredients and then fill up to the desired fill level? I know I don't when brewing.

05/31/06 04:41 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
I am also very suspect about the syrup contributing an SRM of 150. A few weeks ago I brewed a westy 8 clone that had the syrup as the only ingredient that would add the color, no dark or crystal malts: 10lbs pale ale, 9lbs pilsner, 2lbs of wheat. I added 2 bottles (3.5lbs) to a 10 gallon batch and it changed dramatically to a very dark color and remained that way into the fermenter. Three weeks later when I transferred it from the conical fermenter to kegs for aging I noticed that the dark color was gone and the beer has a light amber color. The ProMash recipe said that it should be very dark with an estimated SRM of 22.5 but it looks like some of the color dropped out and appears to be an SRM about 10. The yeast that I harvested from the bottom of the conical was very dark.

Has anyone else noticed this? It appears that an SRM of 150 is way out of line.

05/31/06 06:37 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
I did a Westy 8 as well with the syrup. Almost the same grist. 1/2 Pils, 1/2 Pale malts. Then one bottle for a 5 gal batch. It was an appropriate color, I thought, through out the ferment. Then after fnally getting it in the glass it was a dark ruby brown, with garnet highlights. Very pretty. I dont think it was 22-23 SRM, but I don't think it was as low as 10 either.

There are always various X-factors that can make a difference, though.

IIRC, the yeast had a bit of a dark color, but noithing out of the ordinary. After a simple wash it was back to it's former beauty.

05/31/06 06:43 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
Well I'll wait to see the final color after it's lagered for 4 weeks and bottled. The yeast in suspension makes it look lighter than it really is. It tasted pretty good though!
Rich Link
06/01/06 12:21 AM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
I believe N8's gravity numbers are pretty close. However, I believe the 150 SRM number is way high. The 16 Fl. oz. container weighs about 1.5 pounds. Using 150 SRM in 5 gallons, the syrup alone would produce a 45 SRM beer. I really think this is way off. I estimated 50 SRM for the syrup in my last batch, and I still think that is high. Realistically, I think the SRM of the syrup is more like 25-30. Perhaps the next time I use it, I will add it to 1.5 gallons of water and take a reading.
Dark Candi
06/01/06 12:19 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that a few of these problems resulted from the 1000SRM reading from Seibel. Also, I had only a small amount of syrup at the begining and all of this was used in the swap. Which did not leave much for tests and measures.

The 150 color is the average color I received from feedback.

The labels had to go to press and since then we have much better info.

I am working on new labels and if anyone has any comments or sugesstions/findings...I would love to have it in time for the labels.

Thank you for all your work with this new sugar.

I hope after all confusion is over, we get to hear more about how it tastes, and of course how the beer tastes.


Please contact me at


06/01/06 01:49 PM  
Maybe this will help
I posted this a while back, it since came down. Maybe I was quick on the trigger. It illustrates the results some of us got:


06/01/06 06:23 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
The color of the beer in the hydrometer looks closer to what my almost finished beer is starting to look like. In the boil and going into the fermenter the wort is considerably darker but as you also noted it does lighten up after fermentation.

We definitely need a better final SRM for the syrup.

06/26/06 03:01 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
I made a westy8/roche6 clone using a 50/50 pils and pale malt bill. No dark grains at all. Used 1.5 bottles of liquid dark candi sugar in 5.5 gallons after approximating color by dilution measurements into water (mahogney/brownish like a dubbel).

The color of the final post fermentation beer is barely amber - more orange (like trippel colored). Its not the mahogney/brown that I was expecting from the dilution measuremenst which made me select the 1.5 bottles amount.

If you're using the liquid candi sugar, I'd recommend NOT to use a pils/pale grainbill unless you're using way more than 1.5 bottles of sugar. I'd recommend using a similar grainbill to what you'd normally use for a dubbel, etc with munich, vienna, specialB, and some darker roasted grains like 2-4oz of carafa.

I'm going to brew up a second darker batch of dubbel than normal (with roasted grains) and then blend in my pils/pale/dk candi syrup batch to get 2 batches that I'm happy with color and flavorwise.

I'm not sure if the dark color of the syrup is adsorbed in trub/break/yeast, actually precipitates out with time, or somehow is broken down during fermentation processes.

wish I knew,


06/26/06 04:18 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
I noticed the exact same results with a simialr recipe for Roch 8. Going into the fermenter it was very dark. After fermentation it was very light, a light amber color and my trub was very dark. I posted my results in another thread here. I used 2 bottles of syrup in a 10 gallon batch with no crystal or coloring malts. So the process of fermentation seems to drop out a lot of the suspended color of the syrup. It still turned out to be a great beer and the syrup does add a special Belgian character that we have been missing.
06/26/06 04:27 PM  
Re: Candy Syrup figures?
Cisco, I found the exact same thing. My dubbel was light brown/orangy and I did use some specialy grains!

pjc, I collected some pics from people who brewed with the stuff. In general we were all concerned by its numbers regarding darkening potential and amazed by the reality of how light its effect was! Here's what I put together:


Send me some stuff to add to this if you like, I'd be delighted to share your results visually. I need to make a permanent link to this, thanks for bringing it up.

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