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Mykel Obvious
05/29/06 06:23 PM  
It's the Rainy Saison here!!!
Well, I brewed to beat the rain today (here in North Alabama)... So I guess I'll have to call this one "The Rainy Saison" to appease the brew gods for holding off till I finished!!!

I did a Mini-Mash (30 min. @ 152 F then raise temp to 170 F over 20 minutes)

1 lb Weyermanns Munich

.25 lb Dingemans Special B

then added

7 lbs Munton's Extra Light DME

1 lb Munton's Wheat DME

1 lb Blonde Candi Sugar (Thanks Brian!!!)


1.25 oz East Kent Golding (6.2 AAU) for 60 minutes

.25 oz each of EKG, Styrian (4.9) and Saaz (3.6) 20 minutes

.50 oz each of EKG, Styrian and Saaz 1 minute

IBUs ~= 40

OG 1.075

SRM somewhere around 10ish+

Pitched 1 L starter of WLP565 Saison I and a pouch of WY4335 Lactobacillus delbrueckii @ 80 F...

And now we wait and see


Keep your fingers crossed for me as this is my first Saison and one of my last extract batches... parts for the mash tun are here and all I have to do is get the top cut out of my keg!!!

So who brewed what for Memorial Day???

Hoppy Brewing,


matt dinges
05/30/06 12:20 AM  
Re: It's the Rainy Saison here!!!
I brewed and beat the rain too...my recipe is posted down the board "talk me out of this recipe"

I suppose you could call it a saison if you wanted...



06/01/06 11:30 PM  
Re: It's the Rainy Saison here!!!
Hi, I also brewed a Saison on Memorial day.

10 pils

1 munich

1 vienna

2 wheat

bitter orange

nother brewer


I used white labs saison 1 for the primary

for the secondary I am using the "mild" Brett. strain Clausenii and I will add undecided spices

Mykel Obvious
06/17/06 08:27 PM  
Re: It's the Rainy Saison here!!!
Ok, so my Saison has been in primary for 18 days now... with plans of moving it to secondary, I just did a SG check and got 1.024 corrected... that's only 68% attenuation... is there anything I can do to drop this down a bit??? I've started swirling the carboy to resuspend the yeast and I'm going to move it back up to 78-80+ F and hope that does something... it's a bit sweet, but the tiny bit of Lacto character balances that out... I was just hoping for something dry and tart and it's not there yet...

that's the other thing... I figured after 18 days there would be quite a bit more tart than I found so far... I know it will increase with time, but how long will this take to really get tart??? I want it to knock peoples socks off!!!

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated!!!

Thanks guys,


06/19/06 07:20 AM  
Re: It's the Rainy Saison here!!!
Patience. Acid production is not like regular fermentation, it takes time. I give my oud bruins months.
06/19/06 12:23 PM  
Re: It's the Rainy Saison here!!!
You might be having the same problem I'm having with my Lambic. I didn't realize that Lacto D. was highly hop sensitive. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that it is not toxic just restricts the ability of the Lacto to multiply in numbers. I'm going to test my pH in a few days and will report back.
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