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06/12/06 01:47 AM  
Gouyasse or Goliath
Hey all,

When I was in Belgium, last, one of our take home favorite beers from the trip was Gouyasse triple. Here in the states, it's known as Goliath triple. This weekend we had a slide show of our trip through Belgium for the brew club and I popped open a Gouyasse tripple to taste. It brought back the memory of how much I really liked this beer. I quickly recapped the bottle after pouring off the beer to save the yeast to culture up to brew with. So my question to everyone is if you have ever had any experience of a replicate recipe for this beer. I know it's a fairly unknown brewery and beer, but like I said, after the over 200 beers we tried on our trip, this was one of our favorites.

06/12/06 11:01 AM  
Re: Gouyasse or Goliath
Hey N8,

I don't know too much about it, but I think the Belgian version is like 6%, while the US version is 9%, so they are not the same beer. To me the Belgian version had a sort of cakey taste but I'm not sure if it's the malt or the yeast that generates it... since you have the yeast I guess you can figure that out. I really liked that beer as well. Never had the US version.

Matt B

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