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06/15/06 09:19 AM  
Belg style yeasts
Got my latest Brew Your Own with the article on Fermenting Belgian-Style Beers by Stan Hieronymus

There's a side bar that I found interesting regarding White Labs and Wyeast sourcing yeasts for their companies. "The bottom line is that a source is just that, a source. But because brewers always ask..."

Wyeast: 1214 (Chimay), 1762 (Rochefort), 3522 (Achouffe), 3787 (Westmalle), 3864 (Unibroue), 1388 (Duvel), 3538 (Corsendonk-Bocq)

White Labs: WLP500 (Chimay), WLP510 (Orval), WLP530 (Westmalle), WLP540 (Rochefort), WLP550 (Achouffe), WLP570 (Duvel)

Now my question is.....are these the only distinct/propietary yeasts used by Belgian Brewers? Dany at Fantome pitches a yeast mixture doesn't he? Is anyone trying to replicate any others commercially or are they as yet too complicated to isolate for White Labs, Wyeast or other companies?

I don't try to culture yeasts or even save cakes (I brew too infrequently) but still like to get close with yeast choices.

Sorry if this is reposted information or 'common knowledge'

cheers and happy brewing, scamborn

06/15/06 10:00 AM  
Re: Belg style yeasts
I can't say for a known fact that these are not the only ones, but I can say I would be shocked if that were the case. The Belgians are particularly secretive with their resources, I can't believe it would be even possible to get a full collection of Belgian yeasts to be harvested. For instance, Rodenbachs yeast is not mentioned here. OK, they have a "Roeselare blend" but I personally believe that this is nothing more than an approximation of the orginal Rodenbach yeast. If it were really that simple then it would have been no big deal when Palm shut off De Dolle following the take over.
06/15/06 01:29 PM  
Re: Fantome
dsanborn wrote<<Dany at Fantome pitches a yeast mixture doesn't he?>>

According to Dany's posts on the main forum, he does not pitch a mixed culture (that is just a bonus part of his process;)

His yeast is sourced from a lab, and he uses differing strains based on the beer he is brewing.

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