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06/22/06 09:53 PM  
Pear Extract
I am doing a duvel clone recipe and it calls for pear extract, but I can't find it anywhere! I live in eastern pennsylvania - does anyone have a clue where I can track down this extract!?

Thanks -


06/22/06 11:25 PM  
Pear Flavoring?
Or maybe it is called Pear Flavoring
06/22/06 11:48 PM  
Re: Pear Extract
Ok, first the quick, but in my mind less helpful, answer:


Now if you are still with me, my rant. For god sakes man, Duvel does not have anything resembling pears or pear extract in it. The lame-butts who wrote that book should be taken outside and flogged ;-)

Ok seriously, while those recipe books by those two, might be considered fun, I have never seen such a pourly researched collection of brewing recipes in my life. So many of the beers they claim to clone have ingredients & processes that have been thoroughly researched and well documented in many places that I just don't understand what they were thinking when they put these recipes together.

If you are interested in doing some cloning beers the last place I would recommend would be either of the clone books. The internet is even a better resource, and this forum is a great place to start.

If you are really interested in cloning Duvel I would suggest doing some google searches, and reading some of Michael Jacksons books would be most helpful. In his "Great Beers of Belgium", Jackson states that Duvel is made with two-row malt from France, Saaz & Styrian Golding hops, plus a good quantity of dextrose. More detaile info is availible in the books, and both Wyeast and whitelabs carry one of the Duvel yeast strains.

And once again there is no pears anywhere, nor is there any clear candi sugar, no crystal malt, and no aromatic malt are used in Duvel. I am sure all of these would make for an interesting beer, but it won't get you even remotely close to a Duvel'ish beer.

And if you don't happen to be using either of the clone books, my point is only made that much more. Because it is these two goofs that seemed to have started and disseminated the use of pears in Duvel.

Please don't take any of this personally, I am really just find it unfortunate that such misleading information was allowed to be foistered upon the homebrewing community. Hopefully you found some of my advice helpful as well.

06/23/06 08:22 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
I agree with you 100% - many of the recipes in these clones books use terribly unusual and use unique paths to achieve their clone. I occasionally try them for fun to see how close they come. I don't expect to brew a beer EXACTLY like Duvel, but I'm interested to see how close the "published" recipe will come. But thanks for your insight!


06/23/06 09:27 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
Sebastian, you seem to have good insight on the authors of this book. May I ask, has one a given name of Roger? Really, pear extract in a Duvel clone. Now I've heard everything!
06/23/06 11:14 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
I've seen quite a few people question the pear thing in the Duvel clone in that book. Which I'm glad they did. I personally find it almost insulting to propose to people looking for a bit of help with designing a recipe for such a classic brew.

I'm doing a Duvel clone this weekend. From my tasting and research I'm going for a simple grist of Dingemans' pils, about 2% acid malt, and sugar. No pear extract for me. I'll get my fruitiness from the yeast's estery characteristics.

06/23/06 11:26 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
So what's the name of this misleading book that none of you will mention the title of??????
06/23/06 11:27 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
06/23/06 11:32 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
Actually I don't know why we are tip toeing around that, except that I hate being specific about peoples poor efforts then getting the wrong person. But I do know of a couple guys who have written clone books that have made me constantly roll my eyes. I have to say that if this is them it redefines their low point.
Al B
06/23/06 11:37 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
yeah, the key here will be a large healthy dose of the correct yeast. WLP 570 Belgian Golden Ale

or 1388 Belgian Strong Ale.

06/23/06 11:40 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
I'll be using some of the pre '95 Duvel yeast for this one. I want to see what characteristics it brings to the beer. I am also curious as to why they changed the yeast in the first place.
06/23/06 11:43 AM  
Re: Pear Extract
It might very well be the same book that you're thinking of Steve. I've thumbed through it a few times and find myself shaking my head quickly putting back on the book shelf.
06/23/06 11:53 AM  
Re: The book
I think that Steve is reffering to a couple recipe books that Roger did with Graham ("Brew Your Own British Real Ale" & "Brew Classic European Beers at Home"), which in my mind, while off the mark at times, are orders of magnitude better than the books by Tess & Mark ("Clone brews" & "Beer Captured"), which is where this particular Duvel recipe comes from.

Again this is just my opinion, sorry if I have offended anyone.

06/23/06 01:12 PM  
Re: Pear Extract
Well I must say that I have used pear juice in a saison recipe that turned out wonderful. But never in a strong golden!!
06/25/06 01:18 PM  
Re: Pear Extract
Well Sebastian, I'm glad I was vague! You nailed my reference. This pear thing in Duvel is certainly far worse than anything I've seen from them. But there it is, now we know who we're talking about!
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