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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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06/25/06 06:29 PM  
What's Brewin'?
Just thought I would get some banter started about what we are all brewing.

I brewed a Duvel clone today. 83% Pils malt, 17% blonde Belgian sugar (thanks Brian M., I'll be sending you a bottle of this when finished)

Saaz and Styrian Goldings, and yeast from Mike H. that is from pre '95 Duvel strain. 1.069 OG, 30 IBUs.

Ross Lunato
06/25/06 06:45 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Last Friday I brewed a Saison with 3726 Farmhouse Ale yeast; it fermented from 1.035 to 1.013 in 36 hours. Anyway; it flocculated out in five days and now it's resting a couple of weeks before bottling. Don't know what the F.G. will be but I'll check at bottling time.



Ross Lunato
06/25/06 06:46 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Whoops...........I meant 1.053 O.G......
06/25/06 07:51 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Cruising till September, or until Als brett is ready to move on. In September I'll be taking my second pass at a pale ale made with fresh hops. Only other thing till then is getting my high gravity trappist thing into bottles.
06/26/06 07:24 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Flemish Red last weekend; will probably be making several more versions (I stocked up on the Roeselare blend).

I'd like to see how pitching it different ways affects it's performance (traditional pitch, pitch onto yeast cake from a prior batch, primary with a normal yeast and secondary on the yeast cake) - then perhaps attempt some blending.

Other than that, my kegs are full so no place for more beer to go. I need to drink faster, I guess....

Al B
06/26/06 07:56 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Yesterday was an attempt of a bigtime barleywine (1.160) - a SamAdams Triple Bock thing with maple syrup and WL High Gravity yeast. Found some Jack Daniels wood chips intended for the grill which I'll use in aging this behemoth.

Al B drunk

06/26/06 12:03 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
I just bottled and kegged a West 8 and Roch 8. I was real concerned about the Roch 8 because the ProMash recipe that was on the web page (from the Belgian who won a Roch 8 contest which was tasted at the brewery - I can't remember his name but you guys sent me to his website)had the calculated amount of coriander wrong. The ProMash recipe had a little more than 3 times the amount of his recipe. I think his recipe asked for 6 or 7 grams during the last five minutes and the Promash recipe said .7 of an ounce but I didn't catch it until I tasted it after fermentation. It tasted of heavy corriander and I wondered how much aging would take it out. Well last night I opened a 750ml of it after three weeks of conditioning and the corriander was gone! It's a fantastic beer!! I was extrememly happy, also from the 9% alcohol.

I've got 10 gallons of saison cold conditioning that used the Wyeast Bier de Guard. I should bottle it in another three weeks - if I have enough bottles available.

Jim Denier
06/26/06 12:28 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?

I'm also on the back end of a Rochefort 8 clone brew (the same one you refer to). I put 10 gal in the fridge for some cold conditioning yesterday. I used 2 containers of the candy syrup in this recipe. Fermentation was furious for the first few days and the OG of 1.085 dropped to 1.022. Then, while holding at 73 deg F, I was only able to attenuate down to 1.020 over the next 3 weeks (approx 8.5 abv), when I know ideally I should be down around 1.012-1.014 for this style. I tried rousting the yeasties, I added another yeast starter, and finally I even added some US-56 dry yeast, to no avail. The beer does have a wonderful aroma though, and I hope it ends up a winner!


06/26/06 12:44 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Update on this Duvel yeast.

It's been 18 hours since pitching. I've got the temp at 18C (65F) and what an absolutely insane, volitle fermenter. I've never seen anything like it. Crazy, man, crazy...

Eric K
06/26/06 01:05 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
I'm finally at a point where I can keep up with the seasonal brews. I brewed a robust porter this weekend, after a three-month series of farmhouse ales and saisons (70-80 gallons worth!). I had setback with the large brew setup, so now I'm back down to the nice-n-easy 10 gallon system until I redesign a false bottom for the mashtun.

I wanted a really malty chocolaty brew that makes the eyes rollback in your head...if you know what I mean. Something perfect for fall. The 10 gal recipe goes like: 8 lbs Munich, 6 lbs Belgian Pale, 6 lbs British Pale, 2 lbs Wheat, 2 lbs chocolate malt, 11 oz Caramunich, 5oz Special B, 5oz Carawheat, and 5oz melolodin malt. I used Fuggles and EKG @ 80min and 20min into boil for ~30 IBU's. Pitched starter of WLP028, which is great for malty brews.

Did a direct heat step mash, starting at 122 for 30min, 136 for 40min, 148 for 30min, 154 for 20min, then pulled 60% of the mash off into the lautertun and decocted the remaining 40%, boiled for 10min and returned to mainmash. OG=1.080.

This brew really left a nice roasted smell throughout the brewery and house; just what I wanted for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

06/26/06 05:03 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
I just bottled a double IPA I had the pleasure of brewing with Jean Broillet of Weyerbacher: 12 lbs pale, 1 lb 13L Crystal, 6 oz 11%AA Phoenix, 6 oz 5%AA Bramling Cross, 1 oz. Czech Saaz; 60 minute mash at 150. We added 8 oz dried apricot and 6 oz dried guava to the secondary, and dry hopped with 2 oz Bramling. My first all-grain brew (Yay for me!).

Last week, it was a saison with the 3538 Leuven yeast, which attenuated from 1.050 to 1.006 in under a week. Yeehaw. That's in secondary now, hopefully developing a little funk.

Yesterday, I made an "I2PA3X": a shot at something like Achoufe's Dobbelen IPA trippel...Essentially a straight triple, with 2 oz 11.9% Chinook, 2oz. 10% Phoenix, 2 oz 8% Amarillo, and 2oz 5% Bramling. Achoufe's beer is tomahawk, amarillo, and saaz, but you work with what you have, right? I used the Duvel yeast on this one (1388), and it has really jumped of the fermeter. Even from the slap pack, I had a visible fermentation in about 4 hours, and had to attach a blow-off to the carboy after about 12. At 24 hours, the krausen has settled down, but the airlock still has a "rolling boil" appearance to it. I've had extremely vigorous fermentations with 1388, 3787, and 1762.

Next up on the docket is a white beer, which I'd love to ferment on some fresh local tart cherries. If it ever stops raining for me to go pick them.

06/26/06 05:33 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
I'm at capacity now and need to play sokoban with the various brews to separate spent yeast/trub.

In secondary is a wit made from equal parts belgian pils and raw wheat spiced with the usual suspects plus a bit of kala jeera.

In primary are an off-the-cuff swipe at a belgian dark strong which is looking more golden. This was largely made with leftovers from the wit plus a pound of Billington's dark brown molasses sugar and fermented with WLP500.

Also in primary is a saison of 90% belgian pils plus 5% each aromatic and munich, fermented with dregs cultured from Brasserie Lebbe L'amalthee, a beautiful saison brewed by a Belgian expat in the south of France.

Everything is hopped with tettnanger and/or hallertauer as they were what I had around. Once I source some strisselspalt, I figure I'll brew everything with that for the rest of the summer.

Fixing to brew another saison this week...

Eric K
06/26/06 06:26 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?

You can find whole stresselspalt at: http://northernbrewer.com/hops.html


06/26/06 08:26 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Just got done transfering 18.5 gallons of Belgian Wit (50% pils, 40% unmalted wheat, 10% oats) to secondary. I couldn't resist and added 2 oz of Jamaica (hibiscus to those not in the southwest) to 1/3 of the batch. We shall see how it turns out.

I will be bottling my Saison yeast experiment next weekend [split batches with Wyeast 3724 (Dupont), 3725 (Fantome), 3726 (Blaugies), and Whitelabs 645 Brett Clausenii). Next weekend I will also be kegging 12 gallons of all Saaz pils, and 75% Rauch malt Rauchbier.

Other than about 20 gallons of longterm aging carboys that is about it, but I plan on doing a Belgian Single (thinking of bottling with Brett) and then a Quad / abt. Plus I need to do a best bitter followed by IPA combo as well.

Sean Paxton
06/26/06 10:14 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Howdy all,

On Saturday I brewed up two beers: a Saison of Many Grains (Millet, Teff, Amaranth, White Wheat, Castle Pils, Toasted Rye, Spelt and Acid Malt) with Styrian Goldings, EKG and some Saaz, 3724 yeast hitting a OG of 1.063.

The second brew was my Belgian Congo Pale Ale, brewed also with Millet, Castle Pale, Aromatic and some Caramunich. I hopped this batch with Styrian Goldings, EKG and a touch of Summit at the end. Yeast was Forbidden Fruit.

Also Kegged up my Summit Hopped Double IPA.

The Rye Saison I brewed up (6/3) on Eric K system is also doing very well. We did a 45 gallon batch and I spilt my portion off into three containers, 12 gallons with 3724, 4 gallons with 3725 and another 12 gallons with 3726. All are smelling very nice and farmhousy.

My 100% Brett Anomalous is also still fermenting away after almost 2 months and full or pineapple aromas.

I received my Ferrari Corker today and will cork my Berliner Weisse and my 3 year old Lambic in the next few days.

N8, Id love a slant of that 95 Duvel yeast: That might have to be my next batch!

Chet, What was your recipe for your Flanders Red?

Al B, WOW, what size batch did you brew? Sounds impressive.

Cisco, Im very curious to your Rochefort 8. Are you in the Rochefort 10 Swap?

Jim D, Did you use the 1762 yeast? I brewed up a Rochefort 10 clone that OG was 1.106 and FG was 1.022 With time it did drop.

Eric K, That porter sounds divine! A perfect Fall beer!

SebastianB, very impressive brew! Ive been doing similar things. The multiple yeasts with the same batch is a lot of fun. What are you thoughts on the 3725/3726? I found the 3726 has a nice tartness, different than the 3724. But, I find the 3724 has a lot more Belgian Twang than the other two Could be that they are just a month old



Al B
06/27/06 08:47 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
the BW is a small batch (by tour standards I'm sure!) - just 3 gal w/ 1.25 lb of maple syrup.

Next up.....hmmmm....I think, it might be a spooky black saison (Fantome yeast from Black Ghost and my own secret spices) - unless the flemish reds develop alittle more faster (then I'll finish blending and add fermented sour cherry)

Dave I
06/27/06 05:05 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Two and 1/2 weeks ago I brewed a Rochefort 10 clone that ended up with an OG of 1.120 instead of 1.096 and a little over a week ago I brewed my Delirium Tremens clone which came out to 1.067 OG so I boiled and added a little more sugar water to get it to 1.072.

Next up . . . Either a faithful Westvleteren 12 clone or a based-on version where I throw in a bit of Simpsons Naked Oats for a Quad, a Rye IPA, or whatever beer recipe sounds good when I'm getting ready to head to the LHBS.


Brian Richards
07/06/06 01:54 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Saturday I brewed a Delerium Tremens Clone. It ended up being 1.090 at 5.5 gallons in the Carboy. I used 15 lbs of belgian 2row pilsner, .5 lb Germ. Munich, 5 oz. Biscuit, 3 oz. Aromatic, 1.7 lb Clear Candi sugar, 1 lb Lyles golden syrup, Kent Golding and Saaz hops and 1/4 tsp of Grains of Paradise with two tubes of White labs 550. I just tasted it today at around 1.030 and it tastes superb. Can't wait till that is in the bottles.
07/06/06 07:30 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Did you find the Lyles darkened it more than expected? I used that in my last triple earlier this year. I love the taste of the stuff, but it is pretty deeply golden. Clear candi rocks would have left it paler.
Brian Richards
07/06/06 11:29 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
<<Did you find the Lyles darkened it more than expected? >>

It possibly could have but my beer is looking pretty light. If it darkened it at all it wasn't very much. How much did you use in your brew? I used 1.7 lbs of clear candi sugar as well so if I would have used all Lyles I might have seen a bigger darkening.

Jim Denier
07/06/06 11:47 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
I'm not seeing the Lyle's syrup on the shelves anymore, and was told it's no longer being imported. What's your intel?

07/06/06 11:58 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
I bought some last December or January at a snooty supermarket here in NJ called Kings. It was in bottles, not the tin can but it was the same volume as the cans. I'll take a look today for some. I like it as a beer adjunct but have come to the conclusion that if keeping a brew pale is your goal you need to use something else. But I've used it in barley wines and loved the result. Got the tip from Bill Coleman, he told me that on one occasion he was at Heavyweight when Old Salty was being brewed and Lyles when in.
07/06/06 12:17 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
The local store, Price Chopper, still carries it. It's even still in the cans. I fill out a product request about once a week or two to start carrying the Black treacle as well.

Haven't seen it yet, though.

Haven't heard anything about the discontinuation. If you hear any truth to that, I would like to know so i can go stock up on the Lyles.

07/06/06 01:22 PM  
Good news about Lyles
Just hit Kings, not only did thay carry it but I may have also acquired an explaination. Too often shop help runs on half the story, perhaps this is such a case. The Lyles I bought was not in a tin or a glass jar - it was in plastic! Good idea really, I keep brewing supplies in my basement - with a cement floor. Those jars would definately not survive being dropped!

There was a good stock of the plastic pushed all the way back (still 11 oz) and only 2 glass jars up front. This is definately the kind of place that would rotate its stock, so the new stuff that came in was all plastic. It looked more like the glass was being phased out than offering the stuff in packaging options. Maybe this is leading to some confusion. Different item # or something. But whatever the case, there was lots at Kings.

07/06/06 05:19 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
I recently brewed a double-decocted hefeweizen with a friend.

Early next week, I'm brewing another saison - using Wyeast 3725 this time around. I'd share the recipe, but there are several of us who are brewing the style for our Saison-Off to see who's is best. Gotta keep it secret. . .at least for now. :-)

Brian Richards
07/06/06 07:52 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
I ordered mine off of Amazon from this British imports place in San Francisco. I paid way to much for it with the shipping and all.
07/06/06 10:35 PM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
Brian, what was the damage? I paid 3 something per 11 oz plastic bottle. Where abouts do you live?
07/14/06 10:54 AM  
Re: What's Brewin'?
15 gallons of lambic base tommorow
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