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06/26/06 06:47 PM  
Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
Does anyone have any experience with these Belgian strains from Brewtek? I should be getting two slants hopefully tomorrow, I guess. Just wondering if anyone's used them, recommendations, how they liked them, comparison's, etc.
06/26/06 10:28 PM  
Re: Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
Sorry Joe, no answer but a question ... Brewtek?? When did they come back on line? I used them exclusively for a good 6 or 7 years before they went away.
06/26/06 11:40 PM  
Re: Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
They haven't really come back, so to speak. There is an online yeast bank, Brewster's Yeast http://www.brewstersyeast.com/default.asp

I haven't used the 2 that Joe has coming, but CL-50 is one of my house yeasts. I use it any time that 1056 would be used. Very good yeast. I've been meaning to get some more of the Brewtek strains. Just haven't found one of those roundtuit things yet.I guess Joe will just have to send me some of his now ;)

06/27/06 08:38 AM  
Re: Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
Oh yeah N8, I'll be sending you some buddy. I was just curious to see if anyone's had good luck/bad luck so to speak. Guess I'll be the guinea pig, but if the strains turn out as good as CL-50(respective style I mean) then I'll be one happy brewer/drinker.
07/02/06 03:38 PM  
Re: Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
I recall Denny C. mentioning CL-300 is his favorite yeast for tripels so you may want to try to contact him for more info. I haven't used either strain myself.
07/03/06 03:22 AM  
Re: Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
Who the hell is Denny C. ??
07/03/06 01:04 PM  
Re: Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
edit; there should be a ;)

after the last comment.

We were talkinf yesterday about the Brewtek yeasts. And I think it was the CL300, he was thinking that it was probably the Westmalle yeast. Not 100% on that though.

07/05/06 06:56 PM  
Re: Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
I thought someone around here knew him. I probably didn't need to add the C. huh. How about Rye IPA dude? : )
07/05/06 10:03 PM  
Re: Brewtek's CL300 and CL320
I've stepped up the CL320 to a gallon now. Just smelling the starter at 78F and man, alot of banana coming through and some oddball chemical smells. Going to pitch at 62F and let it rise to 70F. Brewster lists it range from 66 to 72F - that is one narrow temperature range.

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