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Ryan Artuso
07/01/06 02:56 AM  
Prelim Results of Fruit Experiment
Background: I had a bucket of funk going awhile back, similar to Chet's funk farm. I would occasionally add dregs of lambics, sours and Jolly Pumpkins to it as well as leftover wort, starters, etc. About 3 months ago, I tasted it and it was sour and funky, but very thin, so I brewed up a couple gallons of high gravity wort with pils and added it. I then racked the beer into 5 different one gallon containers, each with a different fruit in it. There was Pineapple, Peach, Raspberry, and two with Cherries (one mostly sour pie cherries, the other mostly sweet cherries). I wanted to experiment with some different fruits. The second part of the experiment was glass v. plastic fermenters, i.e. oxygen permeability. Three of the beers went into glass containers, the other two(peach and pineapple) went into one gallon, plastic, Deer Park water containers, which are very thin and should be very permeable. A month ago (two months on the fruit), I racked them off the fruit for further aging.

Tonight: I tested the pH and tasted the samples. The two that were in plastic (peach&pine) have a pH close to 3, are dry and sour with a nice horsey, cheesey funk and light fruit. The raspberry (glass) also had a pH close to 3, semi-dry, and a nice raspberry aroma, but also had an outhouse note that I associate with young funk. The two cherry batches were both too sweet and also had an outhouse note. They both had a pH close to 4.

I think I will bottle the Peach and Pineapple batches fairly soon. They were both incredible. My conclusion thus far is that oxygen is good.

07/01/06 11:06 AM  
Re: Prelim Results of Fruit Experiment
Cool experiment, Ryan...

Are you going to transfer the glass ones into plastic?

07/01/06 05:57 PM  
Re: Prelim Results of Fruit Experiment
I'm considering it, but it would put an end to the experiment if I did.
07/04/06 09:21 PM  
Re: Prelim Results of Fruit Experiment
If the glass ones can be likened to an outhouse isn't the experiment largely "at the end" anyway?! I think your conclusion is as on as can be.
07/05/06 12:38 AM  
Re: Prelim Results of Fruit Experiment
Steve, not necessarily. In my somewhat limited experience, the outhouse smell is usually cleaned up after the easy sugars are consumed. The ones in glass definately had sweetness that needed to be munched yet.
07/05/06 07:29 AM  
Re: Prelim Results of Fruit Experiment
Ah, you're right of course, bets are off while lots of sugar is still in play. One thing I would be wary of regarding O2 though. I have made plambics that still had lots of fermentable material comes the summer months, so far every one has broken my heart. Airborn bacteria of the season has consistantly turned them to vinegar.
Brian Richards
07/06/06 08:14 PM  
Re: Prelim Results of Fruit Experiment
Sounds like a pretty cool experiment. I'm curious how you stored your funk up until the time you pitched it.
07/06/06 10:33 PM  
Re: Prelim Results of Fruit Experiment
I don't actually store them, they own my basement! What I have found though when I open ferment is that timing key. My best month so far is November. It appears that if I make the beer just following acetic bacteria season then there is enough time to go through the majority of the fermentable material come the following summer.

Anyway, the funky stuff has been an inhabitant of my basement for the last 11 years. Brewing accident.

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