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07/01/06 05:28 PM  
Wyeast discontinuations
My LHBS sent out this bit of news regarding certain Wyeast strains:

"The following wyeast strains will no longer be available on a regular basis but may be available on a seasonal rotation:

2002 Gambrinus

2247 European Lager

2272 North American Lager

3763 Roselare

1026 British Cask Ale

3538 Leuven Pale Ale

1882 Thames Valley Ale II

3864 Canadian/Belgian Style

3725 Biere de Garde

3726 Farmhouse Ale

1768 English Special Bitter

3822 Dutch Castle

3237 Steinberg (wine)

3277 Assmanhausen (wine)

3728 Sauternes (wine)"

I just brewed with the Leuven; any others I/we should snap up while they last? (aforementioned LHBS has the packets on sale for $5 while they last...)

07/02/06 01:20 PM  
Re: Wyeast discontinuations
I got one each of the Leuvan, Unibroue, & Dutch Castle strains...plus 6 of the Roeselare (ok, maybe went a little overboard on that one...).
James Perkins
07/02/06 01:34 PM  
Re: Wyeast discontinuations
3725 Biere de Garde was taken off the market for a while, but it has newly been reintroduced. I ordered some through Shannon at my local brew store (Above the Rest, Tigard, OR) and pitched it last night into a Hennepin Clone recipe from _Beer Captured_ by the Szamatulskis. I'm looking forward to see what this does to one of my favorite recipes. In about 10 hours at 75-80F it's developed a 3"-4" tall head of foam, so it's looking pretty happy.
07/02/06 09:52 PM  
Re: Wyeast discontinuations
I'd seen on another board that someone got a lot of apricot type aromas with the 3725 at a warmer (mid 70s) temp. They said it wasn't bad, but it wasn't a Biere de Garde...

I've got a packet of this in the fridge; am looking forward to hearing your results...

matt dinges
07/03/06 01:18 PM  
Re: Wyeast discontinuations

The 3725 BdG and the 3763 Roeselare are avaible as "seasonal" strains until August I believe.

They are dropping their old seasonal list and coming out with "special" strains that looks like will run for 3 months at a time.

I think they may have just needed a name for that BdG yeast...they are also describing it as being from Soy, Belgium...not too many breweries located there!!



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