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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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Al B
07/06/06 02:35 PM  
WY Dutch Castle yeast
OK, I haven't used this one yet, and I'm not sure exactly why I got it (and the title "Dutch Castle" doesn't help much!) duuuuuuuh. maybe a saison, a wit ?

Who's done what with this and hows it doing?

3822 Dutch Castle Yeast. Spicy, phenolic and tart in the nose. Very tart and dry on the palate. Phenols and esters well balanced, with a very dry and complex finish. High acid producer. Flocculation - medium; apparent attenuation 74-79%. (65-80 F, 18-27 C)

Cheers - Al

07/06/06 03:09 PM  
Re: WY Dutch Castle yeast
I was told by folks in-the-know that it's the Kasteel yeast.

I have used it in a Kasteel clone, as well as the yeast out of the bottle of Kasteel. The Dutch Castle yeast version was very similar to the bottle cultured version. I would like to have done a side by side, but I ran out of the DC version before the bottle cultured version was ready.

Al B
07/06/06 03:24 PM  
Re: WY Dutch Castle yeast
thanks N8!
Ross Lunato
07/07/06 12:55 AM  
Re: WY Dutch Castle yeast
I've used this yeast to brew a Saison that turned out real nice! It produced alot of tartness in the aroma and flavor profile; very grapefruit-like.
Belgian Guest
07/29/06 02:37 AM  
Re: WY Dutch Castle yeast
I think one can safely assume that this is the yeast of the only Dutch Trappist brewery La Trappe, also known as Koningshoeven, which by the way is not a castle but an abbey.
07/29/06 05:10 PM  
Re: WY Dutch Castle yeast
Disagree, Belgian Guest.

Myself (and others here) have heard from good sources that it's indeed the Kasteel strain.

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