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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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07/20/06 10:24 AM  
High Gravity Trappist style swap
I didn't really follow the thread on the Rochefort 10 swap, did that ever happen? If not then maybe we can start looking at this. I now have a strong trappist style in the bottle. Been there 3 weeks. I needs a couple months I think, but I can say I am very happy with this one.

Lets heat up the R10 clone swap idea - except open it up a little. Do you have something inspired by R10, W12, StBAbt or any similar beer? If it uses Brians sugar products - as mine does - all the better! I don't see this happening until at least the fall (I avoid shipping in the sweltering heat when possible), but we can start thinking about it now...

Dave I
07/20/06 02:59 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
I would be open to that if my current high-gravity Trappist style turns out alright. It WAS going to be a Rochefort 10 clone, but ended up at something like 1.120 OG. Hydrometer samples have been promising thus far, but I am going to age it for a while in the secondary and bottle it either when I am ready to drink it, or maybe earlier if I have to bottle it for a swap.

So I would like to try the swap. I am also planning on brewing a Westvleteren 12 clone sometime next week as well.


07/20/06 04:12 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
Dunno if it's high gravity enough for most folks, but I've got a dubbel going into bottles presently. I'd be glad to swap that one. There's also a Belgian Dark Strong which is stronger (though it didn't come out very dark) which may or may not be great; I'd have to see a couple months down the line.
Brian Richards
07/23/06 01:53 AM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
I would be interested in swapping. I have been wanting to brew up a W12 clone for a while now. I keep crossing other beers off my "beers to brew" list and the Westy clone is still there calling my name, right next to the Rochefort 10. Good idea to wait until things cool down a bit. It would do the beer more justice to wait a while anywho. I have a Delerium Tremens clone that I brewed up and am going to be bottling tomorrow. 10 ABV and pretty yummy right now. We'll see how that does in the bottle.
Dave I
08/12/06 08:42 AM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
Thought I would bump this up. I tried a sample of one of my high gravity Trappist beers. It was medicinal, had a bit of trub, maybe a bit of sweet, fruity(?), dry finish, and alcohol warmth. But it was great! At least under the phenols that are still prevalent (it is a Westvleteren 12 clone, go figure). It should age nicely.

Anyway if this ends up as good as I think it is, I would love to get some feedback on it via the HGT swap.


08/12/06 12:31 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
I can say so far so good on mine as well. It has the exact flavor profile I was hoping for, the only wildcard is carbonation. It has a tingle but is carbonating pretty slowly, I'm not confident yet that it will get where it needs to be. But I primed my dubbel the same way, had worries there too and now its right on. Took way more time than I expected though. I plan to sample mine in another 3 months, if it is not pretty well along I think I'll need to look into a fix. Hate that idea, but it beats a flat batch.

Anyway, for now I have a terrific barley wine swap going, that attracted a lot more interest than this one. Bit of a surprise there. When that one is passed, which should be mid autumn, I'll see if I can raise more interest with high gravity trappists.

08/12/06 02:28 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
I have a HG trappist style that I brewed for my wife and I - It's our anniversary beer - we shared on after one month of marriage and again on our anniversary. Brewed in 2002 in time for our wedding in Sept - About this time of the year I start thinking about it again and look forward to revisiting a special beer with a special person. We haven't taken any notes - and I'm not even sure where the recipe ended up - I'll try to get some thoughts on it this sept and will keep you guys updated.

FWIW: The batch was 55 bottles (12oz) and when I told Theresa about the number her response was "We're going to be married longer than that!"

cheers, scamborn

Scott Jackson
08/29/06 12:50 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
I have one too which I think is very nice now and will continue to improve so count me in please.
08/29/06 04:57 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
Mine is carbonating with the speed of a thousand thundering snails. Very happy with the flavor, but man conditioning is taking time. There's actually a little, if it isn't reasonable by halloween I'm going to risk rebottling. So sorry, looks like I'm going to be a bottle neck here. In a few months I'll dig up this thread and act on it.
08/30/06 12:33 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
What do folks bottle in for these swaps? I had gotten my hands on a bunch of free champagne bottles, so all my high gravity (and high carbonation) items are split into a relatively small number of 750ml bottles.
08/30/06 01:11 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
Hi Dan, the thread below sums it up (note it must be copied and pasted). For really strong beers 750s arn't optimal. If we're doing 4 beers in a night of stuff approaching 10% ... well, you get the idea. Its not unworkable but its not ideal. For the up coming barley wine swap I'm sending out little Old Foghorn bottles.


09/21/06 11:29 AM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap

When were you thinking of having this swap? I have a Roch10-style lagering that was brewed with the dry dark sugar. It still has to be bottled, so it would take a little bit of time to complete.

09/21/06 12:21 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
Steve - If you want your beer to carbonate in a reasonable time, like two weeks, then always make a fresh yeast starter for bottling. The yeast left in suspension from fermentation is usually just too tired and and not may of them to carbonate a high gravity beer.
09/22/06 12:04 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
I always get better/faster results with high gravity beers when I repitch when priming. However, it can be a hassle to have more yeast on hand and ready to go.

What I'm going to try next is to keep a couple of packs of SafLager yeast on hand and use that for repitching. Just re-hydrate & add. I have read of Belgian breweries using lager yeast for this purpose because it has neutral flavor, packs down well in bottom of bottle, and works at lower temperatures. Not sure if they do it with high-gravity.

Has anyone tried this approach?

09/23/06 12:54 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
Started making a Westmalle Tripel clone and ended up on the second batch with a Quadruple (11%abv). Have it ready in Champagne bottles and would be glad to swap for other high gravity Belgian-styles. Really prefer my attempts to the original.
09/25/06 02:12 PM  
It was meant to be
At Als party Saturday he handed off a nice little bottle with enough Abbey II to re-bottle my quad (Tudor10) Man, it went great. He suggested a rough amount per bottle. I boiled down a bit of malt extract and added it to the yeast to make it extra happy, then increased the recommend dosage enough to compensate for the extra volume. I grabbed a handful of caps, tossed them in boiling water and preceeded to re-bottle 29 12 ozers and two Ommegang-type bottles.

Not only was there not quite enough yeast solution for one more bottle left when I was done, I happened to throw in the exact number of caps! Fingers crossed, I hope to have a beer to go in with when we finally do the quad swap.

Dave I
11/12/06 01:06 PM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
Any idea when this swap might go down? I would love to be a part of this if for no other reason than constructive criticism (or hey, just criticism so I know what to fix) on my Rochefort and Westvleteren clones. I would love to do this after December 15, '06. That is when my semester of grad school ends this ending my course work for my degree. What better way to celebrate than with good Belgian Trappist-style beer?


11/13/06 10:40 AM  
Re: High Gravity Trappist style swap
Dave - soon. If all goes to plan the woody swap session with be this week. Generally I try to jump on the next swap quickly after a current swap has concluded and the quad swap is the next one. Its possible you will start seeing promos for this later this week...
08/11/09 09:29 AM  
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