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Mark Rasheed
08/03/06 07:17 PM  
Vorboden Vrucht Clone
Hullo everyone, I am a first time poster here and would like to start off by asking if anyone here has managed to brew a beer similar to Forbidden Fruit?

I am an all grain brewer living in Adelaide Australia.

Any help is always appreciated.



08/04/06 09:23 AM  
Re: Vorboden Vrucht Clone
Hi Mark, not a clone guy I'm afrain but I can say I saw a recipe for Vorboden Vrucht once. It was in a book by Roger Prost, something like "Brewing the great beers of Euorpe". There were recipes for loads of Belgians, I can't say I fully trusted them but something like that could constitute a stating off point.
Mark Rasheed
08/08/06 12:03 AM  
Re: Vorboden Vrucht Clone
Thanks for the reply Steve. I don't know if I can access that book here in Oz. I agree, cloning isn't the way to go as it is too fine an art to even get close considering the geographical differences (ie malt, water etc.)

I have come up with a recipe for a first attempt and will tweak from that. I tried to clone Gouden Carolus Classic but ended up with too much attenuation and a resulting ABV of 9.7%. Still a nice beer however :)

If anyone is interested here it is. probably need to add some wheat malt somewhere along the line.

Forbidden Fruit Attempt 1

85% Pilsner Malt

4% Caraaroma

4% Melanoidin

6 to 7% Candi Sugar or Plain Sugar

0.5 to 1% Chocolate malt for colour

25 to 30 IBU Bittering hop (Styrians or Fuggles)

Wyeast 3463



08/08/06 04:56 AM  
Re: Vorboden Vrucht Clone
Hey Mark, I found this thread out there. Looks pretty usful, you should peruse it...


Brian Richards
08/10/06 02:02 PM  
Re: Vorboden Vrucht Clone
I think I have a clone recipe in my Beer Captured book. I can take a look when I get home from work and post that just so we can see how it compares to your first attempt. Tweak away on the one you have and let us know the results. I thought about trying the one in my book so I am curiouls to know how yours turns out.
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