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Chris V.
08/10/06 04:14 PM  
White Labs 575 Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend
Well did a search and can't find much opinion on this yeast. So thought I would post the questions on the board.

1. Have you used this strain and if so what do you like about it, and what do NOT like about it?

2. What fermentation temps did you use for this strain?

3. What styles did you ferment with this strain?

Hey thanks for anyone who takes the time to answer any or all of the above questions. I will keep checking back to see what you all think.

BTW, I am looking at using this strain for a Belgian Single and then a Strong Golden Ale.


Brian Richards
08/11/06 12:50 PM  
Re: White Labs 575 Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend
I take it this must be a fairly new blend. I noticed that it is not on the Belgian Style guide on the whitelabs website. I just did a strong golden ale using the 500 and it turned out great. Have you thought about trying and ardennes style yeast for a golden ale?
Chris V.
08/11/06 02:48 PM  
Re: White Labs 575 Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend
Belgian Style Ale yeast Blend


A blend of Trappist type yeast (2) and one Belgian ale type yeast. This creates a versatile blend that can be used for Trappist type beer, or a myriad of beers that can be described as 'Belgian type'.

I took this descrition directly from the White Labs site. This yeast is mentioned in BLAM. It is supposed to be less fruity and more dry than the other yeasts that White Labs offer.

No responses about usage on this board or on the MoreBeer board either. I guess I will just have to use it.

If by ardennes yeast you mean the WLP 570. I have used that yeast once before. It originates from Duvel from the description. I really did not like the flavor profile, but it could very well have been the result of too high of fermentation temps as I did not ferment the beer at my house, but at a friends house where no fermentation temperature control was used.

Thanks for your response Brian.

Mark Z
11/20/06 09:52 PM  
Re: White Labs 575 Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend
Chris, what did you make with this yeast? I have it in my fridge as well and will be making a dubbel soon.
Tony J.
12/04/06 03:34 PM  
Re: White Labs 575 Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend
I made two beers with this yeast. The dubbel was nasty. Keep the primary fermentation temp below 75. The strong ale turned out well, dry with a cherry ester.

Dan M
01/14/07 09:48 AM  
Re: White Labs 575 Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend
I've used this blend three times. Each time I started with a fresh vial.

The first time was in a dubbel. At first I wasn't all that impressed, but with age it developed a nice cherry ester as Tony notes similar to Pere Jacques.

The second use was in an Allagash 4 inspired beer. It is still realtively young and it is hard to really make any conclusions as the jaggery and piloncillo I used really dominate the flavor profile. Unlike Allagash, I used just base type malts of barley, wheat, rye, and oats. No crystal or roast malts.

The third use of this yeast is fermenting right now. This batch is a spiced blond ale. I didn't use alot of spice so I hope to be able to conclude wheather this yeast is better in Golden or Dark ales. After the first dubbel, my impression is this yeast is probably better for golden ales rather than darks. I'm still leaning in this direction.

I would love hear from other with their results from this blend.

Cheers, Dan

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